Spring Pest Prevention Tips For Spring Hill Residents

When it starts to warm up, it inspires us to get out into our yards and start working. But that warm weather also inspires bugs and wildlife to get working too. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the Spring Hill critters that are going to become active in your yard this spring.


We have several ant species in Spring Hill that make themselves pests. Some squeeze in through the cracks in our exterior walls and find food sources to bring back to their nests. Some chew their way in and create tunnels and galleries inside our walls.


When spring inspires insects to be active in your yard, it will attract creatures that eat those insects, insects such as spiders. Most of the spiders that roam around in our yards and get into our homes are just a nuisance, but brown recluse spiders or black widows spiders can cause harmful bites.


The moist ground of spring is attractive to subterranean termites, which are the most destructive termites in the United States.


After a long winter, mice are ready for a good meal. If they spent the winter in the walls of your home, you may see them appear in common areas during the spring. If they haven’t gotten into your home yet, you are likely to see droppings and other signs around your foundation perimeter.

Cluster Flies

It is bad enough to have one fly get into your home, but cluster flies come in groups, and they are BIG. Fortunately, these flies don’t lay their eggs in food, so they are more of a nuisance than a health threat.

Spring Pest Tips For Spring Hill

  • Dry the soil in your yard quickly by trimming trees, bushes, and other foliage. Make sure no gutters are broken or obstructed. Inspect hoses and spigots for leaks, and address any you find. Moisture is a big attractant for a wide range of pests.

  • Make sure your perimeter is free of harborage options. Mice and bugs will be drawn to a perimeter that has places to conceal themselves.

  • Spring clean up is important for pest prevention because it helps to address moisture and harborage concerns.

  • Do a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. Inspect your door sweeps, screens, and weather stripping and make sure they’re all in good condition.

For a pest free-home in Spring Hill, partner with experts at All-American Pest Control. We have the experience and education to keep spring pests, and all those other pests, at bay. Reach out to us today to schedule a free home evaluation.

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