Take The Sting Out Of Spring

Every year, wasps begin to appear. When they do, they get right to work building their nests. The nests you’re most likely to see are the nests of paper wasps. These nests can appear in a variety of locations on your home or on external structures. But paper wasps aren’t the only wasps that create nests in the spring. Some wasps are more secretive about where they place their nests, and this can present a painful problem. Here are a few things homeowners in Hendersonville should know about wasps and, more importantly, how you can keep these painful pests from ruining your spring.
Unlike a bee, a wasp can sting multiple times without losing its stinger. They do not have the barb on their stinger that causes it to get stuck in the skin. A wasp can cling on and plunge its stinger into flesh several times before it is brushed away.
Social wasps are nest protectors. If you accidentally walk near a nest of social wasps, you’re going to know it quickly. These wasps gather into a swarm and attack. Some wasps will give pursuit for several yards and even go around obstacles as they give chase.
The worst of all social wasps is the yellow jacket. These wasps are not only aggressive, they can build their nests in secretive locations. If they establish a nest in a hole, you may find yourself being attacked when you mow your lawn. If they establish themselves in a shed, you may find yourself surrounded by wasps when you go to get your lawn mower out to mow your lawn. Yellow jackets commonly develop nests inside man-made structures. If they do this in a structure that is heated, they can grow a giant nest filled with hundreds of thousands of bad-tempered wasps.
When wasps begin to establish their nests, the best solution is ongoing pest control service. An experienced and educated pest control professional knows where to look for wasps and what to do to quickly address wasp nests when they’re found. Each spring, your technician will make sure your property is inspected and appropriate treatments are applied to reduce pest threats in your Hendersonville yard. The fewer pests you have around your perimeter, the fewer pests you’ll have exploring your outside walls in search of a way in.
At All-American Pest Control, we protect Hendersonville homes and residents of Middle Tennessee from over 47 pests with our Perimeter Plus pest control program, these programs include the removal of wasp nests. If you live in our Tennessee service area, consider scheduling a free home evaluation to learn what pest pressures you have and how easy it is to protect your property and your health.

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