How to Get Rid of Fall Spiders in Spring Hill Homes

Late Fall, when temperatures vary, it can be a busy time for spiders. Some start to seek shelter indoors, as temperatures become cooler outside. While there is nothing we can do to completely eliminate all the spiders from your property—because they are so abundant here in Tennessee—there is a lot that can be done to help reduce their numbers greatly, so you can enjoy your home more.

There are many kinds of friendly—yet still scary—spiders that can get into your warm, comfy, Tennesee home. The most common are wolf spiders and American house spiders. A few other, non-poisonous spiders you can expect to get in that don’t prefer to be inside—are cellar spiders, orb spiders, and zipper spiders. For all of these spiders, we recommend the following best practices for deterring them around your home:

  • Keep your outside lights off at night or replace white bulbs with insect-resistant yellow bulbs to reduce insects and the spiders that eat them.
  • Keep shades drawn in the evening to prevent interior light from drawing insects to your exterior and providing a meal for those spiders.
  • Keep things dry around your foundation perimeter to reduce moisture pests. Some species of spider prefer ground-dwelling insects.
  • Keep exterior trash in clean, sealed receptacles.

All of these help to reduce flies and moisture pests around your home and indirectly help to reduce spiders as well. Everything you do to control bugs helps to control spiders because spiders go where the food is. For added protection and essential support for vulnerable areas, it is a good idea to invest in routine barrier treatments performed by a licensed professional.

When we designed our Perimeter PLUS program, combatting Tennessee spiders was at the forefront of our plan. Our program targets spiders with a 3 step approach – outdoor spider web removal, perimeter foundation applications to create a barrier around your home, and we add additional misting treatments which helps to get rid of all the lingering spiders and webs around the perimeter landscaping and under decks.

If you want the best solutions for getting rid of fall spiders in Spring Hill, reach to All-American Pest Control and get your Perimeter PLUS protection in place today. When it comes to managing spiders—and the bugs they eat—our service team will give you the best results possible.

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