Month: May 2019

  • Are These Fleas or Springtails in My Hendersonville Yard?

    If you’re seeing tiny, springing insects in your yard, it is likely that you’re seeing springtails. It is rare to find fleas springing around in the yard. A flea will wait in a cocooned state for a host to pass by, and then break free from its cocoon to jump on the host. It is […]

  • Living With Brown Recluse Spiders in Donelson

    Do you have brown recluse spiders in your home? If you do, you may not know it. These spiders can come and go from your home without ever giving you a warning sign. All they need is an entry point—and an entry point used by a brown recluse is often in a secluded location such […]

  • Termite Control 101 for College Grove Residents

    One of the first questions that must be considered when discussing termite control and protection is just how harmful are termites in Tennessee? After all, if you don’t believe termites are a threat to your College Grove home, why would you consider controlling them? To answer this question we must look at two factors: which type […]

  • Bed bugs have been around longer than we thought

    The following post Bed bugs have been around longer than we thought appeared first on The big bed bug news this week is that researchers have found that bed bugs have been around much longer than we thought. We’ve previously been told that the earliest Cimicidae had bat hosts, and eventually moved on to […]

  • Carpenter Ant Swarms in Lebanon

    Every spring, something important happens: Ants in Lebanon take to the air. Well–they don’t all grow wings and take to the air. Just some of them. These ants are often referred to as alates because “alate” means to have wings or wing-like appendages. If you see alates landing on your home this spring, you should […]

  • How to Treat Fleas in Your Thompson's Station Yard

    You may have noticed the word “yard” in the title of this article. Did you find that curious? Some people do. It is common to think of fleas as an indoor pest. But, before fleas get inside your home, they’re likely to be found around the outside of your home in moist, shaded areas that […]

  • Camel Crickets 101 For Brentwood Residents

    Would you know a camel cricket if you saw one? The use of the word “camel” helps a little. Camel crickets have a rounded back that sort of looks like a camel’s hump. This has led some to call it a humpbacked cricket. It is also referred to as a spider cricket, or spricket, because […]

  • Earwigs or silverfish – how to get rid of both

    Are you reading this article because you have been seeing one or both of these creepy insects in your Middle Tennessee home? If so, you are probably looking for a quick answer. The faster, the better. So, we’ll get right to the point. Getting rid of earwigs, silverfish or both is a difficult process that […]