Pantry Pests 101 For College Grove Residents

No one likes finding bugs in their food. But it can happen if you don’t know much about sawtooth beetles, drugstore beetles, and rice weevils, the three most common stored product pests that put our food items at risk. Here are some important characteristics of these three pests that can help you identify them and tips to keep them out.

A sawtooth beetle is only about 2.5 to 3 mm in length, has an elongated pill shape and three distinct body parts. The reason it gets its name is that it has sawtooth ridges on either side of its thorax. But they are far too small for you to use this to identify them. Their larvae, which are little caterpillars that look like worms with legs, are even smaller. If you see tiny black or reddish black elongated oval specks in your food, these are probably the critters you’re dealing with.

A drugstore beetle is only about 2 to 3.5 mm in length and has a perfect pill shape. From above, the head is not visible on this insect, so it will appear to only have two body parts. If you see tiny brownish pill-shape specks in your food, or insects buzzing around and resting on your foods, these are probably the critters you’re dealing with.

A rice weevil is about 4 mm in length and looks a little bit like a sawtooth beetle but, instead of a flat nose, it has a long pointed nose. It probably told a lie–and if it keeps doing that, it will never be a real boy. But seriously. That nose is going to help you easily tell that you’re dealing with a weevil infestation.

5 Tips for Keeping Pantry Pests Out

  • Check pantry food for holes before you purchase them.
  • Put new items toward the back of your shelves and old items toward the front.
  • Do routine checks of your expiration dates.
  • Consider putting pantry items that come in paper or cardboard into sealed plastic containers.
  • Always check dried goods for the presence of insect pests prior to use.

What to Do When You Find Insects in Your Food

These insects can spread and cause lots of misery as you attempt to get rid of them. The best solution is to let one of our licensed and experienced service professionals help. The service team here at All-American Pest Control is one of the best in the business. We’ll help you find the best solution. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

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