Preparing for Fall Pests in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Fall is an important time of year for pest control. There are a few reasons why pest pressures increase at this time of year: the temperature is dropping; pest populations are maxed out, and school is back in session. Here is one way to group fall pests and apply fall pest prevention to reduce their ability to harm your health and property.

Temperatures Drops

There are many pests that get into homes when temperatures begin to cool: stink bugs, boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles, mice, rats, squirrels, and more. If you have vulnerabilities, you could have a winter pest problem. And some pests don’t leave once they get in—that’s right, we’re looking at you, mice and rats. So it is a good idea to take the time to do an inspection of your exterior walls and address any entry points or vulnerabilities. Another option is to begin a residential pest control service. When you have year-round pest control, you get routine inspections from an educated service professional and appropriate treatments for keeping pests out.

Populations Are Maxed Out

Some pests start their cycles of development every year. They build their populations during the warmer months and, in the fall, their nest populations are maxed out. Yellow jackets and paper wasps are two good examples of this. Fall is a busy time for these wasps. It’s all hands on deck to feed newly hatched female reproductives that will become queens in the spring. If you have a nest on your Hendersonville property, it is a recipe for disaster because wasps are more aggressive in fall as they prepare their queens and prepare to die off. Do an inspection of your yard. Look and listen for signs of wasps. Look low for yellow jackets; they create nests in ground holes and in bushes. Look high for paper wasp nests; they prefer to create nests on tree branches, in rafters, under roof overhangs, and in other high, sheltered locations. If you see a nest, or see wasps going in and out of a gap on your home, contact a licensed professional to have the nest removed. Professionals have the gear to deal with wasp nests with the least amount of chemicals.

School Is Back in Session

You may not consider bed bugs to be a common fall pest but they are. Bed bug infestations rise as kids head back to school. This is because bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs that spread passively by riding in items that are carried, such as duffle bags, gym bags, book bags, and sleeping bags.

Fall is an important time of year for pest control. Let the service team at All-American Pest Control help you get ready. We offer one-time and year-round pest service in Hendersonville and throughout Middle Tennessee. We can help you keep those overwintering pests out.

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