What Termite Swarmers Could Mean For Your Brentwood Property

Do you know what a termite swarmer is or what it looks like? We hope you do. Swarmers can give you important information about your Brentwood property. Here’s what every Brentwood homeowner should know.

Swarmers Are Not A Species Of Termite

There are several species of termite in the United States. All of them have wingless workers, and all of them will, at some point, have winged termites in their colonies. Winged termites are reproductive termites. Unlike the workers, winged termites don’t feed on wood. When you see them on your property, you don’t have to worry about them causing damage or chewing a tunnel to get inside. But you shouldn’t ignore them. There are reasons to be concerned.

Swarmers Create Nests

The job of a termite swarmer is to build a nest. If you see swarmers on your exterior, it is important to understand that they could make a nest in your yard (if they haven’t already). If they do, they’re going to produce workers that can damage the wood of your Brentwood property.

Swarmers Don’t Travel Far

It is important to understand that the appearance of swarmers on the outside of your property could be a warning sign of a nest on or near your property. Why? Because swarmers don’t travel far. They swarm for less than 30 minutes, and during that time, they are focused on finding their mates. They’re not interested in traveling. So, they are more likely a sign of a current infestation, rather than an impending infestation.

Swarmers Come From Mature Nests

It can take years for a termite nest to produce winged reproductives. If you see swarmers, it is important to understand that termites may have had years to damage your property. We don’t recommend waiting to see them. It is best to take protective measures to prevent termite damage.

Swarmers Are Attracted To Light

If you walk into a room of your home and find swarmers crawling around on an interior wall or window pane during the day, you should know that it is highly unlikely that they came in from the outside. The interior of your home is dim compared to the outside. They would much rather emerge from their nest outside where there is sunshine. The appearance of swarmers on the inside of your home is a sure sign of a termite infestation. It is also a sign of a severe infestation. Brentwood termites only emerge inside when a nest is close to a home. And, the closer a nest is to your home, the more damage termites can do.

Termite Damage

The termites we have in Brentwood are subterranean termites. This type of termite costs U.S. property owners over $5 billion every year. If you see swarmers (or, hopefully, long before) take steps to protect your property from damage.

What It Could Mean When You See Termite Swarmers

Let’s take a moment to recap. If you see swarmers on the outside or inside of your Brentwood home it could mean:

  • Your property has already been damaged by termites.

  • You have a mature nest on or near your property.

  • You’re about to have more nests on or near your property.

  • It is time to take action and invest in termite protection.

Certified Termite Control

If you need assistance with termite control for your Brentwood property, remember that All-American Pest Control is a certified termite control provider. We help property owners in Brentwood guard their property investments by installing the award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Reach out to us today to learn more. Don’t wait till you see swarmers. Get your protection in place now to prevent termite damage.

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