Month: October 2017

  • Termite Proofing Karachi, General Fumigation services karachi

    Termite Proofing Karachi, General Fumigation karachi, Water tank cleaning karachi. Our Services: Termite Proofing Treatment Dengue Mosquito Spray  fumigation Anti Bed Bugs Pest Control Consultation General Fumigation Rodent Control Water Tank Cleaning Agricultural Advisory Service

  • Fall Pest Exclusion Tips

    When we think about fall pests that find their way into our homes, we usually think about mice. That’s because mice are known for crawling indoors through the smallest of holes and cracks in your home during the fall in preparation of winter, but they are not the only pests that look to stay warm […]

  • Karachi Pest Control Termite Bed Bugs Water Tank Cleaning

     Karachi Pest Control Karachi Pest Control Fumigation Services proudly offer services with warrenty. We Deal in All Kind of Pest Control Treatment such as • Termite Treatment (pre & post construction) • Bed Bugs Treatment • General Fumigation • Wood-borer Treatment • Lawn and Garden Spray • Mosquitoes / Dengue Spray • Cockroaches Control Treatment […]

  • Termite, Bed Bugs, Cockroach, دیمک، کھٹمل، لال بیگ کا یقینی خاتمہ

    Termite, Bed Bugs, Cockroach, دیمک، کھٹمل، لال بیگ کا یقینی خاتمہ This is a major shortcoming of the more traditional chemicals used for termite control. … For many years, the traditional method of controlling subterranean termites was to apply a liquid pesticide, known as a termiticide, to the soil. ### Water tank ki safaii tasali […]

  • Termite Proofing Services in karachi.

    Termite Proofing Services in karachi. … Fumigation is engaged in a diversified range of activities inclusive of Termite and Pest Control services since 1. Termite Proofing Treatment (Pre Post Construction) 2. Rodent Control Treatment 3. General Fumigation 4, Cockroach Treatment 5. Gel Treatment for Roaches 6. Anti Bed Bugs Control Treatment 7. Anti Wood Borer Control Treatment 8. Anti Mosquitoes Control Treatment 9. Lawn & Garden Spray & Treatment 10. Water […]

  • Homeowners Guide to Rodent Prevention

    Colorado is home to an abundance of rodents. It only becomes a problem when these rodents decide to make your home their place of residence! Once inside, rodents are known to cause damage and transmit diseases. It is important to understand what these dangerous pests look like and know how to keep them from becoming […]