Water tank cleaning in karachi termite deemak khatmal bedbugs mosquito

We have a live representative available 24 hours 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Call us 24/7.

Benefits with Us:
All the necessary equipment / tools. We will bring with us.
Pressure Motor
Cleaning Boot
Brush & Mop

Water tank cleaning steps:
» We Stop the valve / tap to stop the flow of water
» Empty the water tank by using the water (On our first stage of tank, we start automatic Special sludge pump is useful to remove dirty water and sludge from tank.)
» Please do not waste this precious natural resource
» We Get a mug to scoop the water, some cloth
» Get some tablets
» Then inside the water tank with mug, scoop, cloth
» Be careful not to twist or break the stop valve
» Use a cloth to stop the outflow from the water tank
» Scoop out the remaining water from the water tank
» Clean the bottom surface with a soft scrubber
» Use a clean damp cloth to mop of the entire inner surface of the tank
» Your water tank is clean. Remove the cloth used to stop the water outflow
» Finally will got out of the water tank, but be careful with the stop valve
» You can throw some Chemical tablets in the water tank
» Restart the flow of water from the valve / tap to to the water storage tank
» Check if the water flow into the tank is correct
» Replace the cover of the water storage tank

Call: 0333 21 65 846
website: karachipestcontrol.com
NOTE : 24/7 Available
ی کی ٹینکی صاف کروائیں۔ کراچی کے تمام علاقوں میں سروس موجود ہے۔
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