Let The Carpenter Bee Frustration Begin

There are many ways you may notice you have a carpenter bee problem. You might be doing some gardening around your home, look up, and see circular holes underneath your raised deck. You might be stowing something underneath your exterior staircase and see holes in a few stairs. Or you may not see damage at all. You may hear damage being done. If you have a large population of carpenter bees boring holes in your home, you might hear them crunching as they work. That’s the worst. We’re hoping the first way you notice carpenter bees is by seeing and identifying these frustrating pests.

Carpenter bee identification is actually quite easy. These bees look like bumblebees. Most of us know what a bumblebee looks like. It’s a big, fat, yellow and black bee that buzzes around flowers and ornamentals. If you see a big, fat bee, look to see if it has an abdomen that is entirely black. If it does, you’re looking at a carpenter bee.

There are many ways carpenter bees can damage your home. Here are just a few of them:

  • These bees bore tunnels in wood. If enough tunnels are created, it can weaken support structures and create secondary damage.

  • These bees prefer to use old tunnels. When they do, they extend the damage.

  • Tunnels in stairs and railings can weaken them and create the conditions for an accident to occur.

  • These bees can make a roofline look horrible and create channels for heat to escape from a home.

  • When woodpeckers peck at wood to get at the larvae of carpenter bees, serious damage can be done.

DIY Carpenter Bee Control

It is best to call a professional when these bees start to appear around your home, but there are a few things you can do to resist them:

  • They prefer untreated wood. Painting or staining wood can deter these bees.

  • They can bore into the ends of wood planks. Putting an end cap on may keep them out.

  • Traps can help to reduce carpenter bees around your home.

Professional Carpenter Bee Control

At All-American Pest Control, we offer our Perimeter Plus pest control program to arrest carpenter bee infestations. For only $39 per month this program also includes protection against 47 other pests that can try to get inside your home, PLUS targeted reduction of over 10 of the most annoying outdoor pests like mosquitoes, Asian lady beetles, wasps, and more.

With Perimeter Plus, you’ll get routine visits from a pest management professional (PMP) who will do three trips around your home. The first to remove spider webs. The second to treat the foundation. And the third to apply a mist to locations where pests hide. During this process, your PMP will target carpenter bee holes with a mix of dust and foam. One to two weeks after carpenter bees holes are treated, we recommend that homeowners seal these holes to prevent further damage.

You don’t have to let carpenter bees frustrate you. When you partner with a professional, you can take charge of those wood-damaging pests.

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