Most Common Spiders Found In Thomson's Station

The spiders common to Thomson’s Station are also common throughout Tennessee. They are American house spiders, zipper spiders, wolf spiders, orb spiders, jumping spiders, cellar spiders, brown recluse spiders, and black widow spiders. Which of these are most common to your home depends on many factors.

Almost every Thomson’s Station home has American house spiders–if not every home. That is why the American house spiders is also called the common house spider. These are the tiny spiders that create webs in the upper corners of your home or in the frames of your interior windows. They feed on flies and are mostly harmless to humans.

Another very common home-invading spider is the cellar spider. There are several species of spider that are called cellar spiders and all of them will present no health threat to a family. They’re just going to hang out in your cellar and make webs everywhere.

The common spiders you’ll find outside your home, which can sometimes get inside, are orb, wolf, jumping, and zipper spiders. None these spiders have a bite that is medically important.

When it comes to spider threats, the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider are the spiders to watch out for. Both of these have a venom that can be dangerous. A bite from a black widow can make a person very sick, and brown recluse venom can have necrotic properties. Of the two, brown recluse spiders are the worst because of their ability to establish themselves inside a home. Black widow spiders are accidental invaders, preferring to be outside.

Most spiders are not a threat to a family, and some people leave them alone because spiders help to control other pests. But spiders make horrible pest control technicians. They lack the dedication to make sure ALL of your pests are eliminated. And, on top of that, if we are honest, they are kind of scary. We think it is better to hire an educated human to take care of pest control.

If you’d like to hire an educated human to eliminate spiders, and over 47 other household pests on your property, we can help. All-American Pest Control offers industry-leading residential pest control plans for homeowners in Thomson’s Station and throughout Middle Tennessee. We can help you to maintain a pest-free home where spiders are unwelcome. Request a free home evaluation today by going here.

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