Carpenter Bees: Not Your Typical Bee

When we see a bee in our yard, there is usually not too much cause for concern, as long as it isn’t provoked. Bees in Middle Tennessee aren’t generally aggressive. Plus, bees have an important role to play in the ecosystem. They assist with pollination. So, for the most part, we just let bees go about their business. But carpenter bees are not your typical bee, and should never be allowed to go about its business. Here are some things every homeowner should know.

While carpenter bees certainly help with the pollination process, they should not be welcomed into our yards because this type of bee establishes its home in wood. If it chooses the wood of your home, you could be in trouble. Over time, carpenter bees can cause a lot of damage. They also inspire woodpeckers to come and do more damage as these birds peck away at wood to get at carpenter bee larvae.

What kind of damage do carpenter bees do? They bore tunnels through wood to make their homes. These tunnels can weaken structures and cause them to fail. Railings can collapse, stairs can break, and deck boards can split. This damage is also unsightly. When carpenter bees tunnel through wooden 2x4s on exterior decks, stairs, fences, and other structures, they create holes that look like dashes and dots.

If you’re seeing carpenter bees flying near your home, it is important to address it with professional pest control. DIY methods can cause carpenter bees to do more damage to your property and make your problem worse. And it is never a good idea to administer pesticides without an education in pest control. Pesticides can produce unexpected results and lead to a poisoning of children, pets, and even adults in your home, especially when applied to an insect like the carpenter bee that crawls around on vegetables, fruits, and other food sources in a yard.

At All-American Pest Control, we protect homes and businesses in Gallatin and throughout Middle Tennessee with proactive control of pests. When you have ongoing pest service from All-American, you get routine visits from an experienced and certified professional who will take three trips around your home to find and address over 47 household pests and several yard pests. When it comes to protecting your home from damage, it pays to have proactive pest control service.

Learn more about the pest pressures in your yard, and what methods and products work to control them by requesting a free home evaluation today. Life has enough unexpected twists and turns. You don’t have to let pests be one of them.

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