How Can Such A Little Insect Be Such A Big Nuisance?

A clover mite is only about .75 mm in length. That’s pretty small. In fact, they are so small that you can fit one on the tip of a pencil! So why are they a problem for homeowners? The problem is that you’re not likely to see one clover mite by itself. They appear by the thousands. Hopefully, the first time you see them, they’re on the outside of your home. But, when conditions around a home are favorable, they won’t stay on the outside for long.

Since clover mites are so small, they can exploit extremely small entry points in your foundation walls, especially around window and door frames. They can do this any time of the year but are especially inclined to do so in the fall when the plants they feed on begin to perish.

If you have a clover mite problem, experts suggest a use of pesticides to arrest the issue on the outside of your home. This is because clover mites don’t live long inside and the exterior treatment will prevent more mites from getting in. But pesticides can cause even bigger problems than those mites are causing.

The Problems With DIY Pesticides

It is important to understand that pesticides can be toxic to people and pets when the wrong product is selected or when the product is applied wrong. If you spray a product on your foundation perimeter to kill clover mites, you could expose your children, your dog, your cat, or other animals to those pesticides. This can happen directly when kids or pets play in these areas, or when bugs, rodents, and wildlife pick the product up and transfer it to other places.

The misapplication of pest control products can also cause damage to your home and your landscaping like staining the siding of your home or burning plant foliage on your property. Therefore, it is best to have treatments done by an educated and experienced professional.

The Solution For Clover Mites

Clover mite infestations come in waves. The best way to stop those waves of infestation is to invest in year-round perimeter protection. Get the extra protection you need to keep clover mites, and over 47 other household pests, out of your home all year long by partnering with All-American Pest Control! Contact us to learn more.

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