The Spiders Invading Hendersonville Homes This Summer

When it comes to spiders in Hendersonville, there are two spiders we give the most attention to, the black widow and the brown recluse. Two recent articles, the Truth about Brown Recluse Spiders or the Differences between Dangerous Spiders In Tennessee, are great places to start if you want to learn about these two poisonous spiders. Today, we’re going to look at all of the spiders we typically deal with in Hendersonville and what works best to manage them.

Common spiders in Tennessee are American house spiders, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, cellar spiders, jumping spiders, orb spiders, wolf spiders, and zipper spiders. Some of these spiders prefer to live in our gardens and ornamental landscaping. Some live in holes and burrows dug by wildlife. Some create ornate webs, and others make a tangled mess of webbing. Some are hunters, while others prefer to wait in their webs for their victims to come to them. There are many spiders and they all have their own way of behaving. That can make spider control a complicated matter.

When dealing with spider pressures, there are some pest control techniques that have an impact on several species at once. Our Perimeter PLUS pest control program, for instance, creates a barrier of protection around a home that helps to reduce spider populations and prevent spiders from finding gaps and cracks to enter the home. It also comes with a removal of spider webs our technicians can reach with a removal tool. When spider webs are removed, some spiders get the message and go somewhere else to establish themselves.

When poisonous spiders are detected by a technician, we offer more targeted spider management options. With brown recluse, for instance, we offer several control options to meet the needs of our customers. Our brown recluse programs allow for a more targeted approach to brown recluse prevention. This comprehensive program includes both inside and outside services, treatment of attic, basement, and crawlspace (if applicable), a treatment of bedroom furniture, and an application of dust into wall voids where these spiders can hide.

Whether you need general spider management or targeted control, the team at All-American Pest Control can help. We use Integrated Pest Management methods, green pest control solutions, and EPA approved products to solve spider problems.

Spiders can be a big problem in Hendersonville during the summer. But, with a little help from the friendly professionals at All-American, it’s easy to manage those pests.

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