Why Ants Are a Year-Round Problem in Brentwood Homes

The climate in Brentwood is perfect for ants. Not only do ants thrive here, but they can be active all year long under the right conditions. What are these “right” conditions? Well, just like us, ants need warmth and food to survive. During the winter, the warmth disappears and food is much harder to come by, so ants go into hiding. Some hide deep in the ground. Some hide under the bark of trees. Some hide inside our homes. When this happens, they often find all the warmth and food they need to survive and stay active all winter long.

If ants choose your Brentwood home to live in, they can create many problems:

  • The biggest issue homeowners have with ants is that ants are a nuisance. They can come into a home by the thousands and climb all over things we would prefer to not have them crawl on. This may be the couch. It may be the kitchen counter. It may be the butter container, open or closed. It may even be us. Whatever it is, it is usually irritating to see (or feel) them doing it.
  • Ants climb into trash in search of food, then climb on silverware, plates, cutting boards, and food shelves, where they can get into food packages. This can lead to sickness in your home. Ants are mechanical vectors for harmful bacteria.
  • If odorous house ants get in, they can create an unpleasant scent when squished.
  • If carpenter ants get in, they can damage the wood of your home. These ants create galleries inside wood to make a safe place for their nests. But their tunneling activities are not going to be good for your equity.

What is the best way to prevent ant problems?

The best solution for keeping ants out of your Brentwood home is to address them “before” they get in. That’s why the service professionals at All-American Pest Control focus on the foundation perimeter during routine service visits. During one of their three passes around your home, they’ll apply a residual pest barrier that works to reduce pests and decrease the chances of pest invasion. This service is called Perimeter PLUS. And it doesn’t only help to control ants. It works to manage over 47 common household pests. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control options.

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