Ants – Nashville's Most Frustrating Pest

Why are ants so frustrating? The answer to this question differs with who you ask. One person might say that it is because they’re disgusting. Another might say that it is because they keep coming out of the woodwork and nothing seems to stop them. There are many reasons people give for why these insects drive them crazy in their Nashville homes and properties. Let’s take a look at some of the common ants we deal with in Tennessee and see what we can learn—because an ant infestation can do more than drive you crazy.

Pavement Ants

Nuisance Ant

As ant pests go, the pavement ant is one of the least dangerous. These ants can get inside your home but they prefer to live in the cracks of pavement, sidewalks, and concrete slabs outside of your home. They don’t do property damage and they don’t generally spread harmful bacteria. They’re mostly just a nuisance. So this ant is usually nothing more than a frustration.

Odorous House Ants

Bacteria Spreader

Odorous house ants commonly get into homes. When they do, they can present a health threat by spreading harmful bacteria. If you’re dealing with odorous house ants, pharaoh ants or some other common pantry-infesting ant, you could be exposed to harmful bacteria, which can lead to salmonellosis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, Clostridium and other bacterial illnesses. This is because these ants go back and forth from your trash to your food packages, food prep surfaces, and other sensitive locations.

Fire Ants

Stinging Threat

While predominantly an outside pest, like the pavement ant, fire ants can be a serious threat to anyone who is allergic to their venom. For those who are not, they are irritating pests that show up at backyard parties and cookouts to sting you on your feet while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Carpenter Ants

Destructive Wood Pest

Carpenter ants are an indoor pest but in a much different way than other ants. While they will take up residence inside your home, they tunnel galleries in the wood of your home to establish their nests. This can lead to repair bills, water damage, mold, and many other issues.

Ant Control

When ants infest your Tennessee yard or home, they can be more than just a nuisance. Obtain ongoing protection from ant threats by reaching out to All-American Pest Control. Our service team members know how to track down and eliminate ants in your yard and in your home. Contact us today and get some relief from those frustrating and potentially dangerous ants.

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