Earwigs or silverfish – how to get rid of both

Are you reading this article because you have been seeing one or both of these creepy insects in your Middle Tennessee home? If so, you are probably looking for a quick answer. The faster, the better. So, we’ll get right to the point. Getting rid of earwigs, silverfish or both is a difficult process that is best accomplished by a professional who has training and experience in pest control. Here’s why.

What Your Professional Knows

  • Earwigs and silverfish can get into your wall and floor voids. It isn’t possible to spray these insects and just be done with them. In fact, spraying pests with insecticides can make your problem worse. Your service professional uses methods developed by experts in the industry to get appropriate products where they need to go—if control products are needed at all. Sometimes, pest infestations like this can be solved without the use of control products.
  • There are many products and techniques for getting rid of pests like earwigs and silverfish. Selecting the appropriate products and techniques requires proper identification of the pest you’re dealing with and an understanding of what field-tested methods have the most success at eliminating them. Your service professional has this knowledge.
  • Monitoring for pest activity is key to the process of resolving an infestation. Your service professional is educated in the behavior patterns of the pests he treats. He knows where they prefer to be and why they get in. This information is used to select appropriate locations to set devices for monitoring.
  • Getting rid of earwigs or silverfish is only the beginning. Your service professional knows that you’re going to also need to do something about your foundation perimeter if you want to be sure that new pests won’t get in to replace the ones that have been eliminated.
  • Through this entire process, both inside your home and around the exterior, your service professional will be sure to use products that aren’t going to make you sick. This is no small thing. Improper selection and application of over-the-counter chemical insecticides can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re dealing with an earwig or silverfish infestation—or an infestation of any other household pest—don’t hesitate to reach out to us. All-American Pest Control serves Middle Tennessee with industry-leading pest control solutions. Our highly trained and experienced service professionals are the best of the best. We’ll help you get that infestation under control and get protection in place to prevent future infestations.

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