Month: December 2019

  • Why Mt. Juliet Residents Need All-American's Perimeter PLUS Pest Control

    We have many pests that can get into our homes, everything from big ol’ rats to itty bitty ants. We’ve cataloged over 47 common household pests, all of which are covered by Perimeter Plus Pest Control. Perimeter Plus Pest Control also covers mosquitoes. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the […]

  • A Guide To Hindering Mice Invaders In Gallatin This Winter

    During Gallatin winters, it can get pretty chilly outside. Some winters it’s downright cold. Imagine how mice feel. In the wild, they live in cold holes in the ground. When they come out of wooded areas and into our yards, they can find many harborage options equally as cold as a hole in the ground. […]

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Our Give & Give Back Program

    Do you enjoy the quality pest control service you get from All-American Pest Control? Is quick access to a friendly service professional who knows your home and your particular pest control needs valuable to you? Do you rest better at night knowing your home is protected from subterranean termite damage and your family is protected […]

  • 3 Things Silverfish Are Looking For Inside Your Spring Hill Home

    Silverfish are tiny, silver-colored, catfish-shaped insects that get into Spring Hill homes. When they invade, there are three things they’re hoping to find. You can deter those insects by removing what they’re looking for. Food These insects are always looking for food. But the food they eat isn’t what we tend to eat. While they […]

  • Pest Professional Of The Year

    Five years ago, something pretty awesome happened—well, we think it was pretty awesome. In June of 2014, Marshall joined the All-American Pest Control team. In the last five years, he’s made quite an impact. As we’ve been growing like crazy, he’s been here every step of the way, helping to make things run as smoothly […]

  • The Threat Termites Pose To Franklin, TN Homes

    Have you wondered how much of a threat termites in Franklin really are? If so, you’re not alone. Termites are the elephant in the room. In Franklin, it isn’t a matter of if you’ll get termites but more a matter of when—and how bad. While there are no specific termite statistics for Franklin, there are […]

  • The Ultimate Identification Guide To Ants In Nashville

    Do you know that there are over 20,000 species of ant on the planet? That is quite a variety! Fortunately, only about 1,000 species exist in the United States and, of those, there are only about 8 that are considered to be common household pests in Tennessee. Most make themselves a nuisance when they get […]