Month: May 2020

  • What Nashville Residents Should Know About Murder Hornets

    By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the giant hornets in Washington State decapitating bees and wiping out their colonies. But have you heard that these giant hornets also kill approximately 50 people in Japan every year? It sounds like something made up or something out of a horror movie, but it’s all true. Murder […]

  • Best Of Luck Mike Pitt

    Mike Pitt is a true All-American! He has worked with us at All-American Pest Control for over six years. Prior to All-American he had a long, quality career with Comcast. Mike is one of the people that created the infrastructure for the technology so many of us rely on for business and personal communication today! […]

  • What You Can Do To Protect Your Hendersonville Home From Termites

    There are many ways you can work to prevent termites from targeting and damaging your Hendersonville home. You can remove wood sources from your yard such as scrap wood, firewood, and wood debris. You can address moisture issues, such as faulty grading, flashing drainage issues, and plumbing leaks. And you can do routine inspections to […]

  • Secret To Keeping Dangerous Pests Out Of Your Brentwood Yard

    There are all kinds of critters that live in your Brentwood yard. Many of them are beneficial. You wouldn’t have a beautiful lawn without all of the slithery worms that aerate the soil. You wouldn’t have sweet-smelling flowers if you didn’t have visits from bees, wasps, and hornets. Your lawn and landscaping is alive with […]

  • Seven Signs Your Nashville Property Has Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter ants are the largest pest ants in the United States. They range in length from around 6 to 12 mm, with winged females being twice as long as the workers. The species we see most in our Nashville service area is the black carpenter ant, which is entirely black. These are destructive ants that […]