Month: April 2021

  • Are Little Black Ants In Hendersonville Harmful?

    When you see little black ants crawling around on the outside of your Hendersonville home, you may wonder if those ants are going to be harmful to your property, especially if you’re aware that carpenter ants can be black. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood and, over time, they can do quite a bit of damage […]

  • What Termite Swarmers Could Mean For Your Brentwood Property

    Do you know what a termite swarmer is or what it looks like? We hope you do. Swarmers can give you important information about your Brentwood property. Here’s what every Brentwood homeowner should know. Swarmers Are Not A Species Of Termite There are several species of termite in the United States. All of them have […]

  • The Best Way To Protect Your Nashville Home From Problematic Pests

    Your Nashville yard is full of life. You can see the birds fluttering through the air and perching on branches. You can see squirrels scrambling up trees and chasing after each other. But there are a lot of animals you don’t see. When you flip a rock, you can find insects and invertebrates hiding underneath. […]