Month: May 2021

  • How Do I Get Ground Beetles Out Of My Brentwood Home?

    Experts estimate that there are over 25,000 beetle species in the United States. The group of beetles that are considered ground beetles is one of the largest, boasting more than 2,200 different species. With so many ground beetles species, you shouldn’t be surprised to find these insects in your Brentwood yard. But it is another […]

  • The Trick To Getting Clover Mites Out Of Your Nashville Home

    Are you seeing tiny red bugs in your home? Those little red bugs are called clover mites and they can come into Nashville homes by the thousands. Fortunately, they’re mostly harmless. Even though clover mites are arachnids and are related to spiders, they don’t bite. But they can stain your stuff. It is best to […]