How Do I Get Ground Beetles Out Of My Brentwood Home?

Experts estimate that there are over 25,000 beetle species in the United States. The group of beetles that are considered ground beetles is one of the largest, boasting more than 2,200 different species. With so many ground beetles species, you shouldn’t be surprised to find these insects in your Brentwood yard. But it is another thing altogether to find them in your home. Your home isn’t exactly an ideal habitat for ground beetles. As their name implies, these insects prefer to crawl around on and under the ground. So, why do they get in? Today, we’re going to talk about how and why ground beetles get into Brentwood homes and what can be done to keep them out.

A Little Bit About Ground Beetles

While these insects can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they tend to be black or a metallic coloration. Since they are most often black, they are sometimes mistaken for Oriental cockroaches. Both have six legs. Both have antennae. And both are a little bit shiny. It is a good idea to learn the distinction because Oriental cockroaches can make you and your family sick; ground beetles can’t.

Why Ground Beetles Get Inside

There is only one reason ground beetles will get into your Brentwood home. They’ll enter simply because they can. These insects crawl around in rock piles and the cracks in large rocks. Your foundation wall is just like a big rock to a beetle. As these insects crawl around near your foundation walls, they accidentally find ways to get inside.

There are factors that can increase your chances of having these beetles get into your home. Obviously, the availability of entry points is the most important. The more entry points beetles have access to, the greater the chances are that they will get inside. But it is important to consider factors that help to increase beetle populations around your home.

  • Beetles are drawn to a yard with lots of leaf litter.

  • Beetles like to crawl around in wood and rock piles.

  • Beetles prefer moist habitats.

  • Beetles are attracted to light.

  • Beetles are active at night.

  • Beetles like to hide under objects that block the sunlight during the day.

How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles

If ground beetles are getting in your home, you can pick them up and bring them back outside. You may also use a shop vac or capture them with something sticky. Don’t worry, they won’t bite you. They’re just icky.

If you have a lot of beetles, you may want to enlist the aid of one of our service professionals. The service team here at All-American Pest Control is always available to help you get control of pest problems.

How To Keep Ground Beetles Out

There are a few things you can do to stop ground beetles from getting into your home. You can probably guess that they are linked to the points we made above.

  • Blow leaves out of your landscaping and out from underneath your deck.

  • Rake leaves up and remove them.

  • Move wood and stone piles away from your exterior.

  • Address any conditions that are making the perimeter around your home more moist than it should be.

  • Reduce lights at night where it isn’t a security concern, and replace white lights with yellow insect-resistant lights.

  • Remove yard clutter, especially stuff that sits near your exterior walls.

If you need help keeping ground beetles out of your Brentwood home, we can assist you with that. Our team members don’t just deal with pest infestations, they provide year-round perimeter protection to keep ground beetles and other pests from getting inside Brentwood homes. If you have questions, or you’d like to begin service, reach out to us today. There is no better way to get ground beetles out of your home and keep them out. 

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