Month: June 2021

  • What To Do About Rice Weevils In Your Hendersonville Home

    No one likes to find bugs in their food. But it can happen. You can open up a pantry product and find tiny insects crawling around inside. If you’re thinking, “Um…no thank you!” we’re with you. Today, we’re going to talk about weevils—common bugs that find their way into the foods we eat. But, most […]

  • Announcing the 2021 Hometown Hero Award Recipient

    Announcing the 2021 Hometown Hero Award Recipient

    After numerous great submissions, we proudly selected Brandi Nunnery as All-American Pest Control’s 2021 Hometown Hero Award winner. Brandi is a literacy coach and educator at Crieve Hall Elementary School.  Principal Dr. Nate Miley nominated Brandi for her selflessness in the way she pivoted during the pandemic. When COVID-19 shut down schools in March 2020, […]

  • Four Simple Steps To Keep Ants Away From Your Brentwood Home

    There is no easy fix for ant problems. Each ant species is slightly different. But there are some general prevention methods that can have a general impact on all ants. If you want to keep ants away, and keep them out, these four simple steps can help. Step 1: Address Moisture All creatures need water. […]