Do Nashville Clover Mites Bite?

The simple answer to this question is no. Clover mites do not bite people—they feed on plants. 

Red Stains

If you crush a clover mite, you are going to create a little red stain. While this red stain resembles blood, it is only pigment from the body of a clover mite. Stains from clover mites on fabric or furniture upholstery are painstakingly difficult to remove, making them a nuisance pest.


If you’re familiar with chiggers, you may mistake clover mites for chiggers, or you may think that clover mites will behave like chiggers since they are similar in appearance. Further perpetuating your concern about whether or not clover mites bite. Thousands of tiny red bugs that remind you of chiggers.


Mites of any kind have an unpleasant reputation. But it’s important to remember that clover mites do not bite humans. Among the mites associated with biting humans and other mammals are house mites, chicken mites, northern fowl mites, house mouse mites, spiny rat mites and scabies mites. If you’ve had a run in with other types of biting mites, it is easy to get the wrong idea about clover mites.

Clover Mite Prevention

Once you’ve worked through any misgivings you may have about clover mites, it is likely that you’re still going to want to keep them out of your home.

  • These bugs are drawn to over-fertilized lawns and landscaping. Addressing this can reduce their populations around your home.

  • Yard work is a natural deterrent for clover mites. Blow leaves away from your exterior and out from underneath your deck. Remove grass clippings, weeds, and any unnecessary vegetation near your foundation walls.

  • Clover mites get in through gaps and cracks in your exterior. Locating these entry points and using a caulking gun to seal things up, can help to keep clover mites from getting inside.

If you currently have clover mites on the interior of your home, the process to remove them is quite simple.

  • Use a vacuum with your crack and crevice attachment to suck the tiny bugs up.

  • Wash any remaining red pigment left behind on hard surfaces with soap and water. 

Ongoing Control of Clover Mites

Clover mites are only one of many Nashville pests that can get into your home. The best way to keep pests out year-round is to invest in Perimeter Plus Pest Control. Our program creates a barrier around your home that is strategic, comprehensive, and preventive. We create this barrier by performing 3 passes around the perimeter of your home. The first pass is to remove any spider webs within our reach. The second pass is an application that stops crawling pests, like clover mites. The third pass is a misting application that works control mosquitoes and other pests as well.

If you’re dealing with clover mites right now, let those little red bugs be your inspiration to invest in the essential pest control you’ve always needed. No Nashville home should be without a quality pest control plan. Reach out to us today to schedule a free home pest control evaluation to get started.

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