Are Rice Weevils In Brentwood Homes Harmful?

It can be scary to find bugs in your food. One of the bugs you may find crawling around (or wiggling) in your stored food products is called a rice weevil. This is a far too common pest in Brentwood. But, while extremely gross, and more than a little bit unsettling, rice weevils won’t harm you. They’re just gross. Let’s take a moment to discuss what you can expect from rice weevils when they get in your Brentwood home.

Do Weevils Make You Sick?

The biggest concern with food-invading insects is stomach illness. Dirty insects, like the cockroach, can spread harmful microorganisms that, when ingested, can lead to flu-like symptoms. We’re happy to say that rice weevils aren’t dirty insects. They tend to hang out in grains and other food sources within your pantry and kitchen. As long as you keep your kitchen trash covered, you don’t need to be concerned about rice weevils making you sick—other than the sick feeling you get when you wonder if you’ve eaten some.

How To Prevent That Sick Feeling

If the thought of eating rice weevils makes you feel a little queasy, we have some good news. There are ways you can protect your foods, and guard yourself from making rice weevils a part of your dinner plans.

Store Pantry Products In Sealed Containers

Weevils can hitch a ride into your home. If you purchase a product that has rice weevil eggs in it, those eggs can hatch and you can start to see grubs or insects in your food. Since grubs take on the coloration of the food they eat, they can be difficult to detect when you open paper packaging and scoop the food out. One of the first benefits with sealed containers is that you can look through the side and see pest activity. Here are a few more ways containers help you detect weevils and other pantry pests before you eat them.

  • When you pour products out of their packaging, you can examine them for the presence of insects, grubs, eggs, or webbing.

  • When you put your pantry products in sealed containers you prevent weevils and other pantry pests from moving between packages and spreading the infestation.

  • Sealed containers prevent smells from attracting pantry pests into your home and pantry.

Inspect Packaging

  • When you go to the store to pick up pantry products, be sure to inspect the packaging. If you see holes or rips, grab another package.

  • Check the due dates on the packages. If a product is past its due date, it could be infested. Pantry foods that are past due have a stronger odor and are more attractive to weevils and other pantry pests.

Get Only What You Need

The scent of past due items on your pantry shelves can attract pantry pests from a distance. Only get the amount of grain or rice you can consume in the period before the due date expires. If you don’t use sealed containers, use a thick black marker to mark your packages with a clear due date. This will help you stay on top of removing items that are past due.

Keep Your Pantry Clean

Life can get busy. We know this. But do your best to keep your pantry shelves and floors clean. Particles of food can lure weevils, beetles, moths, and other pests into your pantry.

When You Find Weevils!

If you’ve taken our advice, it is easy to quickly deal with a weevil or pantry pest infestation. When you detect bugs in your food, dispose of the food outside, clean the container, and you’re done. If you have not yet invested in containers, you may need to have a service professional take a look at your pantry and address the problem. These insects can spread from package to package and lay their eggs in cracks and crevices.

Do you live in Bentwood?

If so, you’re in our service area. Contact All-American Pest Control for pantry pest control. Our service team members follow field-tested strategies to arrest pantry pest infestations. We’ll make sure no bugs remain. 

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