What You Should Know About Zipper Spiders In Your Nashville Garden

There are few things as startling as turning around and seeing a zipper spider in your garden. Yikes! Fortunately, zipper spiders have no trouble creating webs out in the sunshine where you can easily see them. Perhaps this is why the zipper spider is the most photographed spider. It may also get photographed a lot because it creates a zipper-like pattern called a stabilimentum. It is likely that this noticeable pattern is created by zipper spiders to prevent birds from ruining their webs before they can catch flies, bees, and other flying insects to eat. While all of this might be interesting, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should be concerned about zipper spiders in your Nashville garden, and what you should do when you find a zipper spider. Let’s take a look at this problem.

How Dangerous Are Zipper Spiders?

You don’t have too much to fear from a zipper spider. They eat small insects, so their venom isn’t very strong. If you are bitten, there will be localized pain, but that’s about it. You may also experience redness and swelling of the bite wound. Here a few more things to take into consideration:

  • Zipper spiders aren’t typically aggressive. They won’t attack you unless they feel trapped or threatened.

  • A zipper spider could surprise you. It can dangle by a single thread in underbrush or vegetation below its web and climb up when it senses a vibration on its web.

  • The only concern with these spiders, as with all spiders, is that you could become sick if you have a stinging insect allergy. In rare cases, anaphylaxis can occur, which is potentially deadly. But, again…it is very rare.

Web Removal

If you find a zipper spider web, you can remove it with a broom or some other tool. This is a good way to address the problem.

  • Zipper spiders don’t create webs daily as some other spiders do. Therefore, removing a web can deter web creation in your garden.

  • Zipper spiders create egg sacs on their webs. When you remove and dispose of spider webs, you’ll also remove any egg sacs. A zipper spider egg sac is around an inch in diameter and can have 1000 eggs in it. That’s a lot of spiderlings waiting to hatch!

The Benefits

It isn’t so bad having zipper spiders in your garden. Some people consider them to be beneficial because they catch and eat insects that damage plants, such as Japanese beetles (which can become lawn pests when they lay grub in your yard). If you can tolerate having zipper spiders in your garden, they can be a form of natural pest control. But, it is better, of course, to have a human pest control professional handle pest management for you. They’re not quite as scary as these creepy spiders, they don’t make webs in your garden, and they’re going to do a much better job of controlling unwanted, plant-damaging insects.

Spider Control In Nashville

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