Found A Black Widow In The Garage?

Found a black widow in the garage or elsewhere in your home? That’s enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. The mere thought of sharing your space with one (or several) of these venomous spiders is unnerving. But hey, don’t panic! Your home may appear a suitable habitat for these arachnids, however there’s no need to resign yourself to this fate. And you’re not alone in this battle against unwanted eight-legged guests. In fact, dealing with a black widow situation is more common than you think and there are effective ways to handle it.

black widow spider inside denver garage

Identifying black widow spiders in your garage

In order to combat any bug infestation, it’s essential to be able to identify the enemy. In this case, we’re talking about black widow spiders – those creepy crawlies that are often found lurking in the shadows of your garage and other secluded spots on your property.

The key characteristics of black widow spiders include shiny, black bodies with distinctive red-orange hourglass pattern on their abdomens. Male black widows are not black, but brown or gray with small red spots.

Although they might seem threatening due to their venomous bite, black widow spiders are not considered aggressive unless provoked or threatened.

Why black widows are drawn to your garage

Your garage can be a black widow’s paradise. The combination of darkness and plenty of hiding spots makes it the perfect home for these spiders. Of course, there are plenty of spaces inside homes that also fit the bill, such as dark corners, basements, closets, and other storage areas as well as spaces that are cluttered.

The bug infestation connection

Black widow spiders infest Colorado homes for more than shelter, they need food. A bug-infested garage or insects in the home are likely to attract black widow spiders and other spiders for that matter.  If you notice more creepy crawlies than usual around your property or inside your garage or home, don’t be surprised if these venomous spiders show up this summer.

How to prevent black widow spiders from moving in

Clean up the clutter
The first step is simple – clean up your garage and any areas that has clutter. Spiders tend to love hiding spots like cluttered corners or behind boxes stacked haphazardly against walls. A tidy environment makes it less attractive for black widows looking for a cozy home.

Keep your home clean
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests regular cleaning as one of the best preventive measures against spider infestations. This includes vacuuming regularly, disinfecting surfaces, and cleaning up crumbs and spills that attract other pests.

Don’t forget to focus on the exterior
Deter black widow spiders and other pests by keeping your lawn mowed and hauling away limbs, leaves, and other vegetation.

Install outside lighting that doesn’t attract bugs
Swap out exterior bulbs with yellow or warm lights that don’t attract the bugs that spiders eat.

What to do if black widow spiders have already infested your garage or home

If you’re already dealing with a black widow infestation, contact a pest control company that offers spider control. Homeowners across Denver, Fort Collins, and throughout Colorado rely on EnviroPest for help getting rid of black widows and you can too!

The battle against black widows can be tough, but our pest control team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to eliminate these pests and other house-infesting pests so you don’t have to worry about them. In fact, our Colorado’s Choice SmartService, a year-round home pest control plan, not only targets common household pests but a variety of spiders including house spiders, wolf spiders, and… you guessed it- black widows! Check out our plan features below or give us a call to discuss your black widow spider problem today.

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