How Do You Get Rid Of Spiders & Rodents?

The official start of fall is only days away and already pumpkin spice coffee is brewing in the coffee shops and comfy, cozy sweaters are waiting to be worn as soon as the chilly mornings arrive. And the fall foliage… let’s not forget that leaves will be changing soon giving those of us who live in Colorado, a great show. Of course, fall doesn’t come without its challenges, namely pests. Right now, our local pest control pros are busy servicing homes that have been taken over by spiders, mice, and other house-infesting pests and you may or may not be surprised that it could happen to you too! In today’s post, we’ll look at why these pests are on the move, how they get into homes, what steps homeowners can take to stop insect and rodent infestations, and lastly, what to do if you’ve got an active pest problem in your home.

spiders are a common fall pest problem in Colorado

Why you might be seeing so many spiders in September

Spiders often find their way indoors seeking shelter from the elements. While they might show up anywhere inside homes, don’t be shocked if you discover them making your bathroom, basement, or garage their cozy hideaway. While they do help eat other insects, that’s not exactly comforting since it means you could have other bugs in your home. Plus, the presence of spiders can be unsettling, especially when you find yourself sharing space with these eight-legged pests! 

Spiders to watch out for this fall:

Is it normal to have mice in the fall?

Absolutely, yes! No one wants to find mouse droppings in the kitchen or hear the pitter patter of little feet overhead, but it happens. A lot. In fact, mouse problems are a common problem in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and NoCo as the weather grows chillier and these pests need a place to stay warm and protected. 

How do spiders, mice, and other pests get inside?

You might be wondering how on earth these uninvited guests are finding their way into your home. Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Spiders usually sneak in through open windows, cracks in the foundation, the gap under the garage door, and other openings. Likewise, mice will use any opening they can find on the exterior of the house as long as it’s the size of a dime or larger. They come in through holes along the roofline, gaps around pipes, ductwork, and even through your garage door if it’s not sealed properly.

Tips to keep these pests out

Now that you know how they’re getting in, let’s talk about how to put an end to this behavior and how to prevent them from making your home their permanent residence. Here are a few practical tips to help you keep these pests and others out this fall:

  • Seal the cracks
    Locate any gaps and cracks on the outside of your home and seal them up. You should also make sure the garage door and entry doors have tight seals and consider using weather stripping if necessary.
  •  Cover vents & repair screens
    Install mesh screening over vents to prevent pests from sneaking inside. You should also make sure your window screens are in good condition and repair or replace them if needed. 
  •  Repair leaks & correct moisture issues
    If your faucet is constantly dripping or you’ve got a damp basement or other moisture problem, you’ll want to fix it right away. Consider running dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture. 
  • Keep your yard picked up
    Rake up fallen leaves, pick up ripe or rotting fruit that has dropped from trees, remove tree limbs and branches that have broken off, and pick up other organic debris. You should also keep firewood several feet away from the house and up off the ground. 

  • Keep the inside of your home (and garage) clean
    Keep your home clean and tidy. This includes cleaning and disinfecting counters and floors, picking up crumbs, cleaning up spills, taking the trash out regularly. You should also keep food packages sealed or better yet, transfer food into containers with tight-fitting lids. This includes bags of bird seed and plant seeds in the garage. 
  • Declutter
    Since pests like to establish themselves in cluttered areas, it’s always a good idea to haul off unused items you find in the house including closets and other storage spaces. Don’t forget to check the garage for piled up cardboard, old newspapers, and other items that just don’t need to be there. 

How do you get rid of fall bugs and rodents?

At the first sign of a pest problem in or around your home this fall, contact the local pest control pros at EnviroPest. Since 1965, our Colorado pest control company has been providing home pest control services that eliminate insects and rodents that try to sneak inside during the fall and other times of the year. In fact, we offer year-round home pest protection that homeowners in our service area can rely on. Check out our plan benefits below or simply give us a shout!

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