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  • How To Get A Quiet Night's Sleep Despite Franklin's Crickets

    Camel crickets, also commonly referred to as cave crickets, are aptly named for their humpbacked body and commonly being found in caves and other damp, cool areas throughout the U.S. Unlike other types, camel crickets do not generate sounds such as the “chirping” noise. As primarily nocturnal creatures, you are much less likely to see […]

  • 4 Signs You Have Mice In Your Ductwork

    4 Signs You Have Mice In Your Ductwork

    Here’s the thing about mice- they’re annoying. Worse, they’re destructive. And another thing, is they find ways into homes that most property owners wouldn’t think of and nest in what seems like the most random of places. For example, your heating ducts might not only be harboring mice but these opportunistic rodents might be using […]

  • Help! There Are Ants All Over My Murfreesboro Property

    As commonly social insects, ants form large colonies in a variety of nesting locations composed of many members. For survival, ant colonies rely heavily on one or more queens that produce the eggs necessary for reproduction. Other members of the colony perform roles, including defending the nest or actively foraging for sources of food. Property […]

  • The Hazards Of DIY Pest Control

    The Hazards Of DIY Pest Control

    With the cold weather Denver has been experiencing lately, many of us have been looking forward to the warmer weather that’s coming down the pike. Of course, it’ll be a bit before spring arrives and with it a bunch of bugs. As we wait, we thought it a good idea to start a conversation about […]

  • Our own, Brian Sheppard, Named 2022’s National Pest Control Technician of the Year

    Our own, Brian Sheppard, Named 2022’s National Pest Control Technician of the Year

    We are proud of our very own, Brian Sheppard, for being honored as the nation’s top residential pest control technician by our industry’s leading trade publication, PCT Magazine. Many of you have met Brian over the past 6 years. Brian lives and breathes All-American’s core values. He does the little and big things to ensure […]

  • The Key To Total Termite Control For Your Mt. Juliet Property

    If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about termites very often. But termites can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your property if they’re left unchecked, and in some cases, the damage can go unnoticed for a long time. That’s why it’s important to be proactive in termite prevention and control. In […]

  • How To Expertly Get Rid Of House Flies In Brentwood?

    Flies are insects that can cause your home or business premises to have a bad reputation with customers or visitors. If an infestation of flies occurs in your house, you may increase your chances of getting sick because of the pathogens they spread. Hiring professional experts in pest control in Brentwood from All-American Pest Control […]

  • Mice And Kitchens

    Mice And Kitchens

    Continuing in our unofficial series of pests in the kitchen this month, let’s turn our attention to mice. While it’s true, Colorado homeowners often find mice in the attic, in the garage, or other storage areas among other spaces, it’s also true mice are a common problem in and around kitchens. In this blog post, […]

  • Cockroaches And Kitchens

    Cockroaches And Kitchens

    Have you ever spotted a cockroach scurrying across the kitchen floor and wondered what other ground they’ve covered while you weren’t around? Unfortunately, while they’re not often seen by house occupants during the daylight hours, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to picture roaches darting across kitchen countertops, walking across the plates in your […]

  • Are Black Widow Spiders Hard To Handle In Nashville?

    The black widow spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the U.S. Since that is the case, black widows are not to be taken lightly. However, although the pests are hazardous, handling them with ease is possible with professionals in pest control in Nashville from All-American Pest Control. Read on if you want […]