NPMA Releases Spring & Summer Bug Barometer 2024

Twice a year, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) posts a Bug Barometer. It is their seasonal prediction of pest pressures in the United States. What does it have to say about spring and summer here in Colorado? Let’s take a look and talk about pest prevention for your Colorado home.

stinging insects will be a problem in the spring & summer in colorado

The good news about cockroaches and ants

The current forecast predicts warm and dry conditions in Colorado and throughout the North Central region of the country, which may lead to a slow start for cockroaches and ants. If so, you may have an easier time getting in front of infestations this year.

What often happens is that folks think about pest control too late. The time to deal with roaches and ants isn’t after they’ve started causing trouble indoors. It is better to keep them out than to get rid of them. Let the warning from the Bug Barometer help you get in front of pest problems.

The bad news about stinging insects

While cockroaches and ants are getting off to a slow start this year, entomologists at the NPMA say stinging pests are likely to do well in the warm, dry weather. You can expect to see more stinging insect activity all the way through to the fall when cool temperatures set in.

How to prevent cockroach and ant infestations

Now is a great time to do a little clean-up in your yard—and a little indoor cleaning as well. Both pests are looking for a bite to eat. When they find food near your home, they start to explore your exterior. When they find food inside your home, they’re likely to move in.

  • Wash your outdoor trash cans with soapy water to reduce the scent that attracts these pests. 
  • Keep exterior trash receptacles covered and get them to the curb weekly.
  • Remove yard clutter and organic debris near your exterior.
  • Vacuum rugs and sweep and mop floors to remove food debris.
  • Keep indoor trash bins covered.
  • Wipe down counters and clean spills up quickly.
  • Wipe food shelves.

Along with sanitation, consider performing some home maintenance. Roaches and ants get in because they find tiny entry points.

  • Make sure all your exterior doors and windows are fully sealed.
  • Install a seal around pipes if you see gaps.
  • Patch any cracks in your foundation.
  • Repair rips in your screens.
  • Apply screen material over vents.

Springs cleaning and general weatherproofing will go a long way toward keeping roaches and ants out of your Colorado home. Now is the time to get in front of pest infestations.

Stinging insect prevention tips

Spring is the time of year when you start seeing tiny nests forming on your home and other structures on your property. You may have a routine of looking for these little gray starter nests and removing them with a broom. But if you miss a nest, it can grow into an irritating problem. Is there any way to deter bees and wasps from creating nests on or inside your home? We’re happy to say that there is a way. Here are some stinging insect prevention tips:

  • Wasps are attracted to the scent of garbage. While you’re working to keep roaches and ants away, your efforts will also keep stinging insects away.
  • Wasps eat spiders. Removing spider webs can reduce spider populations and reduce food options for wasps.
  • Wasps create nests from wood pulp. If you have logs and dead branches in your yard, you’ll have more trouble with these stinging insects. Consider removing wood debris.
  • Bees and wasps feed on nectar and certain lawn weeds are a plentiful source of nectar. Spring weed control can have a big impact.
  • Stinging insects drink water from puddles. Addressing moisture control can deter stinging insect activity in your yard.

Do you see how it works? There are many ways to deter bees and wasps from making nests on your property. Spring is a great time to roll your sleeves up and alter conditions that attract pest problems.

Contact EnviroPest for professional pest control

Life gets busy. One of the first things that can get put on the back shelf is pest control. If you live in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Loveland, or elsewhere in EnviroPest’s service area, give us a call for year-round home pest control. We provide proactive pest maintenance that stops cockroaches and ants from getting in and prevents wasps and other stinging pests from making nests on your property.

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