How Ants Could Be Getting Inside This Summer

One sure sign that summer has arrived is the appearance of ants inside the house. But, when ants get in, it could have you scratching your head, especially if you’ve taken the time to seal your exterior walls and foundation. Hopefully, this article will help give some insight into why you’re seeing ants in your home and, more importantly, offer you some helpful tips to prevent ant problems from occurring.

1. In summer, all of the ant colonies around your home have had time to grow in population size. That means you’ll have more ants around your home as summer goes on. And the more ants you have around your home the more likely those ants will find their way inside.

Things you can do: You can have an impact on how many ants you have around your home by reducing factors that attract ants, factors such as unsealed trash, dampness, leaf litter, shade, and more. The less interesting you make your perimeter, the fewer ants you’ll have.

Things a pest controller can do: When you have routine treatments to your foundation perimeter, you’ll have over 47 household pests reduced around your home, including many species of ant.

2. Your home isn’t as tightly sealed as you might hope. Bugs, rodents, and wildlife are prone to attack your home in locations that are hard for you to see, such as under decks, porches, patios, and inside crawl spaces. If you miss the tiniest of holes, ants can exploit them.

Things you can do: If ants get in, you can keep them out of common areas by controlling food sources:

  • Vacuum and sweep routinely.
  • Keep counters clean.
  • Put pet food down only during mealtime.
  • Keep dishes in a sink full of water, rather than stacked next to the sink.
  • Refrain from keeping opened boxes or bags of food on your kitchen or pantry shelves. Consider putting them in sealed plastic containers instead.

Things a pest controller can do: When you have routine visits from an educated and experienced pest management professional, you’ll get the protection you need to keep those ants from exploiting hidden entry points.

Despite our best efforts to keep ants out of our Middle Tennessee homes, they are going to find a way inside. Ants are the most persistent pest in our area but the professionals at All-American are equipped to help you! Ants are annoying invaders that can contaminate foods, aggravate allergies, and damage the structure of a home. In the yard, they can leave painful bites on your feet, ankles, and legs. Get those ants under control with Perimeter Plus, All-For-One, or All-For-One Complete Care. Get started today!

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