Why Are Wasps Still Lingering Around My Home?

We expect to see wasps during the summer months. They’re common yard pests, especially in yards that have lots of plants. Wasps feed on both bugs and our plants. They also collect honeydew that some of those plant-eating pests create. But, when temperatures drop, insects go into hiding, and those wasps eventually disappear from the landscape as well. If you’re still seeing them, here are two reasons why.

It may not be cold enough yet.

In the winter, most wasps die. It is usually only the female reproductives that make it through until spring. These future queens look for a place to overwinter just before it gets too cold outside. So you’re likely to see large wasps searching your eaves, soffits, and siding for a place to hide at the end of the fall. When they do, they can accidentally get into your home through holes or rips in your screens. Be sure to inspect your window and door screens to make sure they’re in good working order.

Wasps don’t hibernate.

It may seem like paper wasps and yellow jackets go into hibernation each year, but this is not the case. When a creature hibernates, it becomes inactive, according to its internal clock. Wasps become inactive because outside conditions are no longer ideal. This is called diapause. During diapause, wasps suspend their development and wait for environmental conditions to become favorable again. One of those environmental conditions is warmth. So you might see lingering wasp activity if wasps have found a warm location to establish their nest, like the wall voids of your home. If this is the case, you could end up with an unexpected encounter with wasps inside your home this winter.

Year-Round Wasp Management

In spring, overwintering queens establish new nests. In summer, wasps build their populations. In fall, wasp activity is at its peak and wasps become aggressive as they prepare their queens for the winter. And, in the winter months, an interior nest can present problems for homeowners in Tennessee. The best way to avoid unwanted encounters with wasps all year long is to have routine inspections and nest removal as part of your ongoing pest control service for your home. A licensed professional knows where to look for wasp activity and how to appropriately remove nests.

If you’re having trouble with wasps in Middle Tennessee, let the service professionals here at All-American Pest Control help you deal with them. Schedule a free inspection to get started

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