Why No One Beats All-American at Protecting Nashville Homes

There are many facets to pest control. It isn’t just about getting rid of pests, though that is certainly an important part of it. It is about caring for the needs of customers. When we get a call, we listen closely. We offer advice. Sometimes, we’ll even help customers solve their problem over the phone, without scheduling a visit. It isn’t about sealing the deal and making money. It is about helping people protect their health and their property from the threats pests pose. Our customers see this honest commitment to their needs in everything we do.
This has been our secret to success from the very beginning. We sum it up in one phrase, “High-quality service, on time, with a smile.” This isn’t a face we put on. It’s who we are. We really care, and our customers know it. But employing high-character, friendly people does not happen by accident. It takes work.
How do we do it? We have a stringent hiring process that helps us find the best of the best. These are people who are helpful, self-motivated, good at solving problems, and dedicated to developing a career in pest control. We run potential employees through a gauntlet of tests to make sure we find the right people to take care of our customers.
Because our selection process is so strict and exacting, we have a low turnover rate. That is more good news for our customers. It means they will often see the same technician year after year. This builds a level of trust that is vital for successful communication. And believe us when we say, pest control requires good communications. Those Tennessee pests don’t make it easy for you or us. It is sometimes tricky to control them. That brings us to our most important reason why we believe no one beats All-American at protecting Nashville homes.
When customers come to us from other companies, they sometimes remark about how refreshing it is that we don’t give them inflated promises. We tell it like it is. That kind of honesty is refreshing. Sure, we know that our team has a track record of getting results and managing pests so effectively that customers are happy and satisfied with their service, but we’re realistic. Pests in Tennessee are clever and resourceful. That’s why we offer no-cost service between visits for unexpected problems that arise.
Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Check out our reviews online. Here a just a couple of the 251 reviews we have on Google.
“Excellent service! Very responsive to requests. Their employees are well-trained and very courteous”
“We have been customers for about a year, and I continue to be impressed with the level of care they offer.”
If you’re looking for the highest level of pest control service and the support of people who genuinely care about your needs, we believe you’ll find it at All-American Pest Control. Reach out to us today and schedule a free home evaluation for your Nashville home. We look forward to meeting you.

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