Best Of Luck Mike Pitt

Mike Pitt is a true All-American! He has worked with us at All-American Pest Control for over six years.

Prior to All-American he had a long, quality career with Comcast. Mike is one of the people that created the infrastructure for the technology so many of us rely on for business and personal communication today! After his career with Comcast, Mike spent some time at Home Depot before joining the All-American Pest team.

At the end of this month, Mike will be retiring. We are so thankful for his time with us. He helped serve customers and protect homes and families here in Middle Tennessee. If you have gotten the privilege to meet, know, work with, or befriend Mike, you know what a kind, gentle, gracious, and thoughtful person he is. He will be missed by us, but we are thrilled for his next adventures in life!

Mike embodies the All-American core values of reliability, remarkable service, teamwork, respect, and servant leadership. Below are some sentiments from each member of our senior leadership team describing how Mike embodies our core values.


When I think of Mr. Pitt, I think of him always showing up to work- reliably with a smile. He takes his time with his co-workers and his customers; he’s never in a rush, and he is always willing to help.

I remember a time when a co-worker had to leave early, and one of the office team members called and asked him to take an additional appointment and he said, “put it on me,” without hesitation. Customers are always telling us how great it is to have Mike take care of their homes and families.

Mike- you are a great person and a joy to have as a co-worker. Mr. Pitt, you will be missed, and thank you for spending your first “retired” time with us at All-American. I wish you the best in your retirement! Enjoy – you deserve it!

– Blake Foster, Director of Safety and Quality 

Remarkable Service

Our customers LOVE Mr. Pitt. Everyone loves Mike! Due to his consistent, remarkable service, Mike has the most loyal customers around. We laugh, but we also understand how customers have started the process of grieving and separation anxiety as they prepare for his retirement! We know that Mike has won them over by being reliable, consistent, friendly, and communicating with them in a way that makes them feel like they are his only customer.

I know personally that I’ve enjoyed the years working with Mike as much as everybody else. Thank you, Mike, for always taking the time to say hello to me even if you are just passing by. You are truly the definition of remarkable service! I will miss you!

– Anna Lewis, Director of Customer Care


Mike is a team player. Mike is always willing to jump in wherever we need him and serve his team and our customers with a smile. Even when days are tough.

Mike shows up for his team, and he is someone we can always count on. He is lighthearted and has a great sense of humor!

– Lexus, Director of Team Experience


When I think of Mike Pitt, I immediately think of the word, thankful. Mike Pitt is always thankful and kind. He is appreciative of every answered call, answered question, compliment, coaching opportunity, and customer. His customers can rely on him to protect their homes, and they look forward to his visits. Mike always has a smile on his face and is always upbeat.

Mike respects everyone. He is always there to check in on you and give assistance when needed- from bug questions to flat tires. Thank you Mike for spending six years with us. I’m going to miss you!

-John, Director of Service and Training

Servant Leadership

When I think about our core value of Servant Leadership and how Mike has represented that value during his time here at All-American, I first think about his co-workers and how he shows up each day and gets the job done.  He respects and cares enough about his teammates to put them first.  Mike is kind, gentle, hardworking, reliable, and appreciative.

Servant leadership incorporates all of these values into treating others well, doing the important things first, and nurturing relationships while accomplishing big goals through teamwork. Mike is a team player, leads by example, and will be greatly missed by our team and our customers. Good luck, Mike! We wish you all the best.

-Carolyn Cox, Director of Operations.

Thank you, Mike. Your team has said it well. You are a joy to be around. Your positive attitude and graciousness are
remarkable. Your sense of humor is light and fun and clever! You showed up everyday for over six years with a great attitude and can-do spirit. Thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with us at All-American Pest. We are thrilled about your retirement and excited for you!

Erin Richardson

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