European Paper Wasps Confirmed In Colorado

Many species of stinging insects live and have been living in Northern Colorado for a long period of time. But, in 2001 it was discovered that there was a new kid on the block – the European paper wasp was confirmed and identified in Colorado. Since the European paper wasps are a relatively new species in our area, many people aren’t familiar with them. That is where we come in, the pest control professionals at EnviroPest want to provide you with the all the details you need to become more familiar with and protect yourself and family from the potentially dangerous European paper wasp!

European paper wasps are often mistaken for yellow jackets because of their black and yellow color pattern. Like other species of paper wasps, they have a very thin waist, they also have distinctive long hind legs that they dangle below them while in flight. The good news when it comes to European paper wasps is that they are very beneficial to both people and the environment because they are major predators of caterpillars and other nuisance insects, helping keep their populations in check. Also, they are responsible for the pollination of some of our plants and crops.

European paper wasps are social wasps that live and work together to build and expand their open celled nests. Speaking of their nests, they can often be found creating their nests inside small spaces, on or near Colorado homes like on the inside of pipes and gutters, inside of closed grills, in large bells, and in the hollow spaces found behind walls. They also commonly build their nests underneath roof overhangs and underneath of porches and decks.

In the late summer and fall months, you are more likely to come into contact with this species of stinging insect. Why? Well because individual colonies are produced each year, meaning in the spring mated females from the previous fall emerge from their overwintering spots to begin creating their new colony. The newly formed colony works together building the nest and creating new members all summer long, so by early fall their numbers are going to naturally be at their highest! While not particularly aggressive European paper wasps will protect themselves and colony by stinging a perceived threat. Unfortunately, that perceived threat could be you walking by their nest as you bring your groceries inside, while gardening, or while your kids play tag with friends in the backyard. And the bad news when it comes to European paper wasps is that they don’t just sting once, they have a smooth stinger which means that each individual has the potential to sting a victim more than once, leading to potential life threatening allergic reactions.

So, while European Paper wasps can be extremely beneficial to the environment, remember they keep nuisance insect populations down and are pollinators; they can become a huge danger if they decide to build their nest on, in or near an entrance of your home. To protect yourself, family and pets from the high numbers of stinging European paper wasps found in Colorado in the late summer and early fall, contact the professionals at EnviroPest.

At EnviroPest our highly trained professionals can safely find, remove, and prevent problems with paper wasps on your Windsor, Fort Collins or other Northern Colorado property. We know that time is of the essence when dealing with potentially life threatening stinging insects; we react quickly and can come to your aid within 24-48 hours, or sometimes sooner! If the new kids on the block have moved into your neighborhood, contact the stinging insect control experts at EnviroPest now!

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