How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites In Brentwood

Are you encountering tiny red insects inside your Brentwood home? Do they scoot here and there, quickly disappearing into cracks and reappearing? Are you seeing them gathered in growing numbers on sunny window sills and on the warm side of buildings? What you are likely seeing are clover mites. While they can become active any time of year, if conditions are right, springtime is the time of year when they can quickly become the biggest nuisance.

Adult clover mites are only around .75 mm in length and are reddish, or sometimes greenish, in color. They have sparsely arranged scales on their abdomens and an elongated first pair of legs. Moving at a relatively rapid pace, these tiny insects are often found in warm places such as the window sills inside houses.

Are Clover Mites Harmful To Humans?

Clover mites are not harmful to humans. They do not chew on wood the way termites or carpenter ants do, nor do they carry harmful bacteria the way cockroaches and rodents do. But they can become a major nuisance, especially if they show up in large numbers. And they can be harmful to belongings. Here are some of the reasons clover mites may be of concern for you inside (and outside) your Brentwood home.

  • Clover mites eat sap from plants. Since they prefer grass, this can mean trouble for your lawn.

  • When crushed, these tiny red bugs will leave red stains on walls, drapes, clothing, carpets, and anywhere else they happen to be crushed.

  • Clover mites are so tiny they are difficult to totally seal out of a home.

  • They can get into hard-to-reach places such as wall voids, so they can be difficult to target and get rid of.

What Homeowners Can Do To Get Rid Of Clover Mites

There are a few steps homeowners can take to keep clover mites out.

  • Install or replace any weather stripping around doors or windows that has become compromised. Make sure there is a good seal all the way around.

  • If you have mulch around your perimeter, consider removing it and replacing it with a dry material such as rocks. Or, if you wish to keep your mulch, consider moving it at least two feet from your foundation.

  • Carefully inspect your foundation and outer walls, paying close attention to where items enter the building.

  • Seal up any gaps or cracks you may find. It only takes the tiniest of cracks to allow clover mites entry.

  • Partner with a professional pest control company.

How Residential Services Can Help

If you need help keeping clover mites and a whole host of other household pests out of your Brentwood home, All-American Pest Control is standing by to assist you. We can take care of your clover mite problem and you won’t have to worry again. Reach out to us today and schedule your free home evaluation here.

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