Why Do I Have Fleas In My Nashville Home?

If you have pets, there should be no mystery. Not only do dogs and cats bring fleas into the house, they bring them right into our beds and into our laps. But, it can still be surprising, especially if you’ve invested in fleas collars or some other veterinarian-prescribed flea control product, that you are seeing fleas. Sadly, these products are not complete protection from fleas, and flea infestations can still occur. When they do, they are extremely frustrating. Fleas are pernicious. They’ll have you washing all your bedding, all your carpets, and every location where your pet sleeps. And once all that is done–you can still have fleas!

There is another circumstance that can have you scratching your head (and your ankles) when a flea infestation takes root in your home: What if you don’t have pets? How on Earth did you get a flea infestation when you don’t have a cat or a dog? That is a good question. Most people know that fleas don’t hop into the house. They hitch a ride. But, before you think that it might be you or one of your kids who brought those fleas in, you should know that fleas rarely choose humans as a host. So what brought those fleas in? It might be rodents.

It is not uncommon for a single rodent to have as many as 50 fleas in its fur. Fleas love rodents. And the bigger the rodent, the more fleas it can have.

When rodents get into a home, they can carry fleas to every corner from top to bottom. They can even bring fleas into areas where you sleep or lounge.

In rooms that have clutter, rodents can leave flea eggs as they explore. This can expose children (who are notorious mess-makers) to fleas. If you have kids, be mindful that bug bites don’t always occur outside. When you see multiple bites on the ankles and legs of your kids, those may be flea bites.

Rodents aren’t the only furry animals that can lead to a flea infestation. When raccoons, skunks, and other critters get under the porch, deck, or patio, they can create the conditions for a flea infestation. When squirrels chew their way in through soffits, they can bring fleas into attic spaces. Preventing fleas begins with wildlife control.

How Do You Deal With Fleas?

If you already have a flea infestation, the best way to address it is with targeted treatments from a pest management professional. The pros know what products work and how to apply them to the right locations. More importantly, a certified pest control technician will follow strict safety guidelines when administering your treatment.

If you do not have a flea infestation yet, the best way to prevent one is with routine visits from an educated pest control technician and an application perimeter treatments.

For assistance with flea control in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, start here.

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