The Pests Invading Lebanon Pantries and How To Stop Them

It is no fun finding bugs in your food. But our food is attractive to many pests. Some pests, like Indian meal moths, drugstore beetles, and cigarette beetles love our food so much, they’re called “pantry” pests. Here are a few things you should know.

Pantry pests can be frustrating to control because it is hard, or impossible, to keep them out without some form of barrier protection around your foundation perimeter. If these insects don’t hitchhike into your home, they’re going to come in through cracks in your foundation, holes in your door and window frames, gaps around pipes, and other entry points. But these cracks, holes, and gaps can be difficult to find and seal up.

As pests explore your perimeter, you have the opportunity to eliminate them before they get into your home, but it is vital that you use the right products and apply them in a way that will be effective. If done wrong, you could trade one threat for another. Sure, you’ll kill those bugs, but you could make your pets sick and your family sick. It is best to have perimeter treatments performed by a licensed and certified pest professional who uses Integrated Pest Management methods, green pest control solutions, and EPA-approved products to solve pest problems.

Once your barrier is in place, there are a few things you can do inside your home to resist pantry pests. These will help you stop bugs that fly in through an open window or door or hitchhike into your home, stowed away in a grocery bag.

  • Put items that come in paper or cardboard inside sealed plastic containers. Glass also works well. Just make sure glass jars have a tight-fitting lid.
  • When purchasing groceries, examine packages for tiny holes, rips, or tears that would allow pests entry.
  • Check the dates on baking ingredients before you use them. Pantry pests are more likely to infest items that are past their expiration date.
  • Stock your shelf with new items to the back and old items to the front.
  • Keep your pantry and kitchen as clean as possible.
  • Dispose of your garbage regularly.
  • Inspect your pantry and seal any cracks that could allow pests to come in from wall voids.
  • Fix any leaks or weeping pipes in your home.
  • If you have an area that has high humidity, control it with a dehumidifier.

It is no fun finding bugs in your food. If you live in Lebanon, let the friendly experts here at All-American Pest Control help you keep those bugs out. We guard homes from granary weevils, drugstore beetles, Indian meal moths, merchant grain beetles, rice weevils, sawtooth beetles, cigarette beetles, and more. We can also help you stop other bugs that get into pantries, such as cockroaches and ants. Reach out to us today for assistance.

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