Why Nashville Homeowners Choose All-American's Perimeter PLUS Pest Control Program

It’s hard keeping pests out of our homes. That’s because pests have many ways they can get into a home. They squeeze through cracks in our foundation walls, gaps in our door frames, holes in our screens, openings in our weather stripping, worn spots in our door sweeps, holes created by other bugs, and more. That is why homeowners invest in pest control services. To meet this need, the experts at All-American Pest Control developed Perimeter PLUS.
Before pests get into a home, many of them will explore the perimeter. They tunnel in the soil. They’ll climb around in the bushes. They’ll hide under leaves to shield themselves from the sun. And they’ll congregate on walls, steps, sills, and more. When they do, it is the perfect opportunity to eliminate them. The perimeter application that our service professionals apply to foundation walls, window sills we can reach, the openings of pipes, doorways (especially garage doors), splash blocks, garbage cans, and more, work to take down unwanted pests before they accidentally get in.
Perimeter PLUS also comes with a misting application that is applied around the home and in vegetation, under decks, and in tree canopies close to the home. When silverfish, centipedes, millipedes and other bugs come to explore your perimeter, they’re in trouble. When mosquitoes use these areas as a resting spot in the middle of the day, they are eliminated. Perimeter PLUS effectively works to control over 47 common Tennessee pests.
If you invest in Perimeter PLUS, you can expect a knowledgeable and friendly service professional to arrive at your home in a uniform. You can expect your service professional to do three passes. The first is a detailed inspection of entry points and vulnerabilities and a removal of spider webs that can be reached. The second pass is a perimeter application that addresses crawling pests. The third is a misting application that is designed to get mosquitoes.
No pest control barrier is perfect. Pests can still get in. They can fly through an open door, hitchhike in, or find some other way. It is also possible for weather to break materials down quicker than expected. If this happens, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we’ll treat the inside of your home for no additional charge.
For more information about Perimeter PLUS, or to schedule a visit, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you keep pests out of your Nashville home.

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