Keeping Indian Meal Moths Out of Your Pantry This Holiday Season

Have you ever seen an Indian meal moth? If your answer is no, it is possible that you have and don’t realize it. These tiny moths don’t really seem like moths at first glance. While they certainly have the shape and texture of a moth, their small size makes them look like some other kind of insect, and identification can become even more confusing when you go to the internet to figure out what insect you’re dealing with. The pictures of Indian meal moths on your computer monitors are going to be a lot larger than these tiny moths. An Indian meal moth is only a meer ⅝ of an inch in length. If you find a tiny, moth-like, insect crawling in your pantry, it might actually be a moth. Look closely to see if its orangish brown wings have a large tan swath through the middle. If so, you may have a moth problem in your pantry. If so, reach out to a licensed professional to have those moths dealt with. If you don’t have Indian meal moths yet and you don’t want to have the challenge of identifying tiny moths in your pantry, we have some suggestions.
When you go to the store to get supplies for your holiday baking, be sure to inspect the packaging of dried foods such as cereal, pasta, and flour. If you see tiny holes in packaging or the presence of these tiny moths on the shelves around those products, steer clear.
When you get home from the store, consider putting those pantry items in sealed, plastic containers to keep moths and other pests out. You’ll have the added benefit of keeping those foods fresh longer.
To keep Indian meal moths from being drawn to your pantry, check expiration dates on all dry goods and throw out items that are past their date. While you’re doing this, put products with older dates toward the front of your shelves and newly purchased products toward the back.
If you find pests in your pantry and you live in our Middle Tennessee service area, reach out to All-American Pest Control. With over half a century of experience, we know the effort, time, and commitment it takes to solve Indian meal moth problems. And you can be assured that we’ll use green pest control solutions first. Your family’s protection is our greatest concern.

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