A New Homeowner’s Guide to Pest Control in Hendersonville

If you’re a new Hendersonville homeowner, there are many types of pests that can be a serious threat to your investment. These pests are destructive to the building materials of your home. Lets take a closer look at these pests below.


There is no greater threat to the equity of homes in the United States than subterranean termites. They are a multibillion-dollar problem. When they feed on a home, they do it 24 hours a day throughout the entire year. And, if left alone, they won’t stop until they’ve consumed every cubic inch. This can lead to serious structural issues and cascading damage if termites go untreated.

Carpenter Ants

We often think of carpenter ants as being less destructive than termites. The truth is that they can be just as destructive when given the perfect conditions. The damage termites and carpenter ants cause does not happen overnight. It takes time. How much damage they can do depends on how much time you give them. While carpenter ants are easier to detect than termites, they can go undetected for long periods of time when conditions allow. Some of the areas that promote the best conditions for these pests include crawl spaces that are rarely inspected, attic spaces that are inaccessible, and any other locations that are used infrequently. These conditions allow the frass (sawdust) produced by carpenter ants to be hidden from view and allow carpenter ants to go undetected.


In our service area, we have some rodent species that can be destructive inside our homes. The most common are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. These rodents make holes when they get in and these holes can create channels for rainwater to get in as well. They destroy insulation and other building materials as they construct their nests, which can allow heat to escape during the winter. They chew holes through drywall to gain access to food-storage areas. When they do this, they sometimes sever wires. If wires have current going through them, they can spark a house fire, destroying your home in a matter of hours.

Are you a new homeowner in Hendersonville of the surrounding area? Schedule a free home evaluation with All-American Pest Control to get protection from destructive pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and rodents. Your equity is too important to allow pests to go undetected.

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