Why You Need Pest Control in the Winter in Tennessee

Pest control in the winter? Absolutely! Pest control isn’t just something you should have during the summer months. Pests can be a serious problem all year long. In fact, some pests become more of an indoor problem when temperatures outside become undesirable. Let’s take a look.


We have many species of rodents in Tennessee. The most common are mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. These critters can get into your home during any part of the year, but dropping temperatures and a reduction of food options gives them even more reason to come inside. When they do, they can spread harmful bacteria and diseases. They can contaminate stored foods, dishes, silverware, food-prep surfaces, and more.

As they explore your home from top to bottom, they can spread parasites around as well. Flea and tick infestations are commonly linked to rodent infestations. These secondary pests bring with them their own list of diseases.

Rodents don’t just enter homes during the warm months. They can get in any time of the year.


Common house spiders become even more common when the cold temperatures of fall arrive. While spiders have the ability to create a sort of antifreeze that protects them from freezing to death, most of the food they eat doesn’t have this ability. When their food goes inside, the follow. So, when you see overwintering insects during the cold winter months, don’t be surprised to see those spiders too.


Most ants in Tennessee disappear during the winter months. They hide in their nests underground and wait for conditions outside to become favorable again. But, when an ant species as established itself inside a home, where it is warm, they can be active all winter long. This is especially true of carpenter ants because carpenter ants are much more likely to create a nest inside a man-made structure than other species of ant are. When they do, they can weaken the wood they inhabit. This can be bad news for a property owner looking to protect their equity.

Year-Round Pest Control is the Way to Go

Tennessee pests have a way of getting into our homes and causing trouble all year. The best way to keep them out and reduce the threats they can pose is to have a licensed and experienced service professional apply appropriate treatments in each season and guide you in steps you can take to reduce the impact pests can have on your health and your property. If you need help with this, remember, the team at All-American Pest Control is always available to assist you.

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