Pests to Expect in Tennessee for Gallatin Residents

Are you new to Gallatin? Did you recently purchase a home here and you’re not sure what to expect in terms of pest threats? We can help you get it all sorted out. Here are some of the bugs and wild animals that can be an issue for Gallatin residents and some of the ways the team at All-American Pest Control helps homeowners solve them.
Gallatin is home to subterranean termites, and they can do a real number on a home that isn’t protected. Subterranean termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion annually. The solution for these wood-destroying insects is the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This eco-friendly termite control product targets termites and only termites by interrupting the molting process. When termites can’t molt, they die off. Problem solved.
Rodents are a serious concern in the Gallatin area. When they get into a home, they can destroy building materials, damage belongings, contaminate areas with their feces, and contaminate food. They’re also strongly linked to tick and flea infestations. The solution for these dirty invaders is monitoring and control around the perimeter of a home and habitat modifications to reduce rodent activity.
Ticks, fleas, chiggers, and fire ants are all common pests in Gallatin. Each of these present different threats for homeowners. The solution is targeted yard treatments to reduce their populations which will limit their contact with dogs, cats, and humans. These treatments are targeted and residual for long-lasting protection in vital areas between visits.  
There are many pests that overwinter in Gallatin homes. When they do, they can sometimes come into common areas and present problems. The routine barrier treatments our service team members apply around Gallatin homes work to reduce a wide range of household pests, including seasonal pests such as Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, and box elder bugs.
No Gallatin pest list would be complete without spiders. You may have heard that we have black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders here in Tennessee. It’s true. But, with routine inspections from an educated service professional, warning signs can be detected and treatments can be applied to reduce unwanted encounters with these poisonous arachnids. Be sure to express your concerns about poisonous spider control when you schedule your pest control service to make sure it is included.
If you have any questions about Gallatin pest threats or you’d like to meet with a professional, we’re here to help. All-American Pest Control is an industry leader with a strong track record of quality pest control service. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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