How to Get Rid of Mice Infesting College Grove Homes

Are you seeing (or hearing) the signs of a mouse infestation? It can be quite troubling. There are few pests that can disturb a family the way mice can. The sound of their presence can sometimes be heard in walls as they scratch and bump their way down from attic nests to secret holes in pantries or kitchens. The droppings they leave can be found littered in the back of your kitchen sink cabinet, on your food shelves, in the backs of your silverware drawers and more. The smell of urine can start to become noticeable in your pantry or as it emanates from under your stove or refrigerator. You may start to notice holes in baseboards, sheetrock, and also food packages on your shelves. These are all signs that you have a rodent problem in your College Grove home. Today we’re going to look at what it means to have mice in your home and, most importantly, how to get rid of them.

What You Need to Know About Mice

When mice get in, they seldom leave. Your home provides the most important thing mice need, a safe place to hide. The fact that your home is filled with food and water sources is just a side benefit.
As mice move about your home, they’re going to cause problems. They can damage insulation and the belongings in your home as they build their nests. They can contaminate food-storage areas with their urine and feces, which they have no problem leaving everywhere. They can get into your ventilation system and cause harmful particulates to become airborne. They can spread harmful bacteria on food-prep surfaces and dishes, as well as contaminate food packages. And, if all this isn’t enough, mice also bring ticks, fleas, and other parasites in with them.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

Since mice are such a serious problem, the best way to address this problem is with professional assistance. Getting rid of mice can be very difficult because mice are prolific breeders and secretive- which means if you have seen or heard one there are more you don’t see. You might think you’ve gotten rid of them and they will be able to continue to multiply and cause illness and/or property damage. Licensed professionals are trained in field-tested methods including good inspections, placement of bait or traps and proactive follow-up inspections and treatments to ensure the mice are eliminated. Getting rid of mice is never an overnight success. Choose a company that will strategically inspect, make treatments and follow-up. If you do, you won’t be left wondering if all the rodents are truly gone.
If you’re dealing with mice in your College Grove home, let the team at All-American Pest Control help you find them and get rid of them. We use industry-leading technology and control methods to protect the health of families and safeguard property from mice and other harmful rodents. We can usually provide you with an estimate over the phone after asking a few questions. Or, we can schedule a Free Home Evaluation for homeowners that would like to talk with a professional in person.

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