When and Why Ants Start Swarming Around East Nashville?

Ants are fascinating creatures. Do you know that ants work quickly to solve complex problems as a group, but one ant, all by itself, is almost incapable of navigating a simple maze puzzle? Ants are wired to work together as a collective or, as some might say, a swarm. There are two primary reasons ants swarm. They swarm when gathering food and they swarm when mating. Today, we’re going to talk about the way ants swarm during mating.
When an ant colony matures, male and female winged reproductives are produced. The job of winged reproductives is to leave the nest, pair up and mate, and establish new nests. They do this during the spring in East Nashville.
After winged reproductive mate, they shed their wings and get to work on their new nest. Where they create this new nest depends on the species of ant. Some ants will create a nest in the ground. Some will create a nest between two concrete slabs. Some will chew tunnels into wood and create their nest inside. Every ant species is slightly different. Fire ants, for example, have no problem creating mounds all over your yard, while little black ants prefer to nest under rocks, rotting logs, and piles of bricks or lumber. Each ant species will be slightly different in how likely it will be to infest your home.
Since spring is when flying ants are released for the purpose of creating new nests, it is important to consider spring ant prevention and seal entry points that ants could use to get inside your home. While ants can just be a harmless nuisance, infestations aren’t always a harmless nuisance. Fire ants and Pharaoh ants can be a serious medical threat. Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home. And other ant species can spread bacteria from trash cans to food-prep surfaces and stored-food products.
If you’re dealing with winged ants or some other ant problem, get control of those ants with a little help from the friendly professionals at All-American Pest Control. Ants are one of the pests we deal with most. We have real solutions that really work. Request a free pest evaluation to get started.

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