Camel Crickets 101 For Brentwood Residents

Would you know a camel cricket if you saw one? The use of the word “camel” helps a little. Camel crickets have a rounded back that sort of looks like a camel’s hump. This has led some to call it a humpbacked cricket. It is also referred to as a spider cricket, or spricket, because it has leg joints that are above the body, which give it a spider-like appearance. This is a cricket that loves to dwell in caves so, for some, it is called a cave cricket. Together, these names can help you figure out if you’re seeing camel crickets in your Brentwood home. Are you seeing a humpbacked cricket, with spider-like legs, clinging to the hard wall of your basement? If so… you have a camel cricket problem.

How big of a problem?

Camel crickets are not known to pose health risks to humans, they don’t chirp like other crickets and they lack the ability to bite. Besides looking like a spider and having the propensity to leap off cellar walls directly at you, they aren’t a threat to your health. They can, however, put a nasty hole in an important piece of clothing or chew a hole through your curtains. So, it is best to not have camel crickets in your home.

How do you get rid of camel crickets?

While camel crickets aren’t a threat to your health, and they are only a mild threat to your belongings, we strongly recommend investing in a residential pest control program to manage them. Because there are many other pests that can be health threats, such as ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, and more, a residential pest control plan like Perimeter PLUS can give you the essential protection you need to guard against pest-borne disease and bacterial threats.

You Can Tell a Lot From a Name

Just like the many names that camel crickets go by, you can tell a lot from the name we’ve given our residential pest control service. This service targets the foundation perimeter of your home so that pests are stopped “before” they get in, not after. And the word “PLUS” is your assurance that, if pests ever find a way past your defense perimeter, or hitchhike into your home, we’ll come take care of them at no additional charge.

For more information about Perimeter PLUS, or to schedule to meet with one of our friendly, experienced service professionals, give us a call today. There are many programs and options we provide to keep your Brentwood home and business free of both nuisance and dangers pests. 

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