How to Treat Fleas in Your Thompson's Station Yard

You may have noticed the word “yard” in the title of this article. Did you find that curious? Some people do. It is common to think of fleas as an indoor pest. But, before fleas get inside your home, they’re likely to be found around the outside of your home in moist, shaded areas that have vegetation. For this reason, it is important to take steps to control fleas in your yard.

DIY Spring Flea Control in Your Yard

Did you take measures to get ready for flea season? Did you inspect your yard for moisture issues and address them. Did you find potential food sources for wildlife and remove or protect them? Did you put up fencing to reduce wildlife traffic? These are all great steps to take if you want to keep fleas from getting into your home. It is important to make your yard uninteresting to fleas and the wild animals that carry fleas into your yard. The fewer fleas you have on your property, the fewer fleas you’ll have getting on you or your pets.

Flea Treatments

This is another misunderstood concept. People often think of flea treatments as something you get when you have a flea infestation in your home, but flea treatments can be applied in your yard too. In fact, flea treatments in your yard are the most effective way to prevent flea infestations from taking root in your home. They really work. Just ask our many customers who come back year after year for seasonal flea and tick service.

How and where are treatments applied?

During the flea and tick season, we apply a mist around the homes we service. This mist eliminates fleas and ticks in the places they hide. We also apply a granular material that has a residual effect. If fleas are brought into your yard between visits, this granular product makes them wish they hadn’t. These routine treatments are applied to landscaping and your lawn to give your entire yard protection from fleas. If you have other questions about how treatments work, take a peek at our Flea and Tick Q&A page.

Residential Pest Control Service with Flea and Tick Control

When it comes to preventing flea infestations, there is no better solution available. Yard treatments stop fleas and ticks “before” they get into your home. And, if they ever get past your defenses, Perimeter Plus, from All-American Pest Control, provides interior service at no additional charge. Reach out to us to get service for your Thompson’s Station Yard today.

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