Carpenter Ant Swarms in Lebanon

Every spring, something important happens: Ants in Lebanon take to the air. Well–they don’t all grow wings and take to the air. Just some of them. These ants are often referred to as alates because “alate” means to have wings or wing-like appendages. If you see alates landing on your home this spring, you should know that those ants are unique among the ants in their colony. Their job is to leave the colony, mate, and establish new colonies. If they create a new colony in your yard or in your home, it could cause some problems, especially if they are alates from a carpenter ant colony. Here are a few things you should know.

What You Need To Know About Swarming Carpenter Ants

There are two insects that bear the carpenter name. They are carpenter ants and carpenter bees. Neither one of these insects has any interest in fixing anything on your home, or building anything useful. They have the carpenter name because they produce sawdust when they chew their way into the wood of a home. This chewing can cause damage over time and lead to significant damage.

When a carpenter ant swarm appears, it is essential to understand what it means and, more importantly, what it doesn’t mean. Dozens, or hundreds, of alates crawling around on the outside of a home is not usually a sign of an impending infestation. It is more often a sign of a current and mature nest on the property. If you see them on the inside of your home, it is an even clearer sign of a current infestation.

Spring is when swarms of alates are likely to be seen. If you own a home in Tennessee, you should be familiar with what alates look like, which spring ant prevention tips can protect your home, and how to recognize the difference between carpenter ant damage and termite damage. It is also important that you be aware of the professional options that are available to guard against these and other destructive pests.

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