How To Avoid Stinging Insects In Franklin

There are two types of stinging insects: There is the stinging insect you find near its nest and there is the stinging insect you find away from its nest. This is an important distinction because the stinging insect you find away from its nests is much less likely to sting you. As long as you don’t wave your arms around and provoke it, that stinging insect will let you walk away without a wound. The wasp or hornet to watch out for is the one that is near its nest. Social wasps and hornets have a nest-protection instinct. For this reason, the best way to avoid being stun in your yard is to not have a nest on your property. Here are two things you should know.

Where to Look for Stinging Insect Nests

When a wasp or hornet creates a nest in your yard, there are a few common locations you can look to find them:

  • Underneath roof overhangs.
  • In a tree hole, attached to a branch, or in holes around the base of a tree.
  • In a bush or shrub
  • Underneath decks and other external structures.
  • Inside any ground hole, in particular, holes that are created by wildlife.

Some Nests Are Hard to Find

Stinging pests don’t always create nests in your yard or on the outside of your home. They can create a nest on the inside as well. These nests can be difficult to detect. You’ll have to look closely for a wasp or hornet entering and exiting a hole in your home, garage, shed, barn or other structure on your property. This kind of activity can alert you to danger.

It Is Always Good to Have Another Set of Eyes

Life can get busy. Who has time to look for the nests of stinging insects or stinging insect activity? This is why a wasp or hornet infestation can sneak up on a family. But those wasps and hornets don’t have to sneak up on you. With Stinging & Biting Insect Yard Treatments from All-American Pest Control, you get routine inspections from a highly-trained service professional. When wasps or hornets try to establish themselves in your yard, you’ll know it.

Get to Know Those Insects

In our blogs, we offer many tips for detecting and controlling insect pests. Check out our 5 Tips for Keeping Yellow Jackets out of Tennessee Yards or Are You Noticing Stinging Pests? to get some extra insight into those painful pests. The more you know, the better off you’ll be. And if you’d like pest control service to help detect and eliminate stinging insects, just drop us a line. We’re here to help.

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