How Can I Get Rid of Ticks in My Mt. Juliet Yard?

Lyme diseases is a growing threat in Tennessee. But Lyme is far from the only disease spread by ticks. The list of tick-borne diseases is long and scary. So it is wise to take every precaution to keep ticks from establishing themselves in your Mt. Juliet yard. Here are some tips the pest control experts here at All-American suggest.

Tick Tips

  • Keep your grass cut low, especially around fence posts, fence lines, shrubs, bushes, trees, sheds, swing sets and other locations where it can be difficult to cut that grass. Ticks use blades of grass to get onto passing animals.
  • Remove wood piles, brush piles, and objects that mice or rats can hide in. There is a strong link between small mammals and the introduction of ticks onto properties. This is because seed ticks (larvae) prefer to take small animals as their first host and then drop off those small animals to find new hosts.
  • Put exterior trash in sealed receptacles and make sure those receptacles can’t be knocked over or have their lids pulled off. Raccoons, opossums, and other wildlife that get into trash also bring ticks into your yard.
  • Put bird feeders at least 20 feet from your home because birds can be a host for seed ticks. If you like to feed birds in your yard, keep in mind that the seeds you lay down for birds will lure mice into your yard and then you’ll have two types of animal that can drops ticks around.
  • Rake up leaf litter and other organic debris that can promote dampness and help ticks to survive in your yard.
  • If you have a dog, and you don’t have a fenced-in outdoor play area, consider creating one. This will keep wildlife from dropping ticks in the area your dog plays outside and keep your dog from exploring areas on your property where ticks could be waiting for a host.

Along with these important tick deterrents, consider investing in a residential pest control plan that includes Flea & Tick Control, like All-For-One Complete from All-American Pest Control. This pest control program does just what it says. It provides “complete” coverage for over 47 different pests that can get into your Mt. Juliet home and come into your yard.

Tick season is here. Don’t wait to get your protection in place. Get started by requesting a free pest control evaluation for your property. We’ll let you know what you’re up against and give you real solutions to protect your health, belongings, and equity from the harmful impact ticks and other pests can have.

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